December 25, 2009


well i suppose it's officially Christmas morning (1:30am counts, doesn't it) and we haven't gone to bed yet. how come you wonder? well our furnace seems to be broken. brrrr ~ who do you call on Christmas eve to come and fix it without paying a fortune. handyman j has tried a few tricks and something seems to be stirring down there (and no, it's not a mouse...)
crossing our fingers to a warm(er) Christmas morning!

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

wishing you and yours, the very merriest Christmas eve!

here are a few things i have been busy with at the Armstrong household

gingerbread men!

and then... i went to Walmart to buy some final wrapping items, and of course, i went too late. there were no labels, and no classic gift wrap left over. just the kind with Santa and Frosty on it (not a huge fan) i got creative. some brown parcel wrap, twine and some alphabet stamps...

for the parents

i got a little suggestive with j's gifts

and finally, all the gifts under the tree

it was a little time consuming, but i am really pleased how it all turned out! i think i'll keep this idea for next year!

how do you wrap your Christmas gifts?

December 22, 2009

some thoughts

as it gets closer and closer to Christmas, i find that things have been happening that truly makes me realize and feel incredibly blessed. i have an amazing husband, and a wonderful and loving family, and i couldn't be more thankful. i also have my faith and trust in God which makes this time of year especially special. there are some things that have made me realize this too, and sometimes in life it's easy to get busy and forget.
first: j's parents have generously offered to help us with a down payment on a house. which means we won't be homeless in may when baby armstrong comes! we were living in his grandparents house (virtually rent free) after they moved to a retirement home, but they have decided to sell come spring, so this certainly comes as a huge relief, and makes me truly realize how loved and cared for we really are.
second: as i carry this baby and begin to feel her kicks and jabs more often, i realize how important having a family truly is. our old neighbour next door did not have children of his own and his wife passed away a few years ago. we decorated his house for Christmas earlier this month. it's been a rough go on him, it's the time of year that his wife died, he has no family, he's all alone AND it's his birthday. talk about a kicker. j and i have been doing our very best to show him how important he is in our lives and how much we enjoy his company. i invited him over for dinner tonight and intended on making a faux-Christmas dinner (a roast chicken instead of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn...the works) he accepted, but later declined saying he wasn't feeling well. i stopped by today to take him a plate of food, and i had also baked him his favourite pie (blueberry) and put a candle in it lit as i delivered. we also gave him a card wishing him a happy birthday and letting him know that we loved him. he was so quiet and sad when i dropped it off, he nearly cried, and i did too. i left feeling slightly better that maybe we had brightened his day, but after i got in the front door i broke down. he's 84 and truly all alone. i feel like i haven't done enough.

what do i do?

December 17, 2009

sugar and spice and all that's nice...

that's what little girls are made of!
baby armstrong played a bit shy and was nestled all nice and cozy into my pelvis, and didn't even show her face. but from her 15 years as a technician and a few views that she was able to catch, she felt confident enough to say that she did not see any boy parts, and if there were some, they should be there by now!
so, on to choosing a girl name! i am beyond thrilled. j is excited to purchase some pink camo to teach her to hunt....lucky me (or her!)

i. am. so. excited.

the title says it all! we are heading for our 19 week ultrasound today (aka the big one!) hopefully baby armstrong doesn't play shy and gives us a little show, and hopefully the ultrasound technician isn't a grinch and provides us with an early little Christmas gift (here in Canada it's technically illegal for the tech to say anything) so stay tuned (ha, for the many readers out there)
will baby armstrong be a boy or a girl?

December 12, 2009

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

bumpdate... 19 weeks!
i am starting to feel better and better in the morning, and even at night! there are certainly less days that i feel crummy! baby is now the size of a mango, and sometimes i can feel a little kick every now and again. it's like popcorn in the belly, what a neat feeling! i can't wait until they are stronger and more noticeable (right now i can only feel them if i'm sitting quietly or lying in bed).

on another note, it's been 4 years since my grandma passed away. it was so close to Christmas that this time of year always reminds me of her. i'll never forget the angel that she insisted on buying from the drugstore that is battery operated and transitions through various colours. she kept it by her hospital bed for that last week and we made sure at night that it was turned on and glowing. it was her "guardian angel" my aunt linda was so thoughtful and purchased us all one that Christmas (thank you aunt linda, it quite possibly was the most memorable gift i've ever received!)you can imagine the tears that came when we all opened ours. it is quite possibly the most beautifully tacky ornament i've ever owned, and i always make sure to turn it on, on Christmas eve. it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye each time i see it around this time of year. it makes me think that maybe she's watching over us. "and hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us." Romans 5:5

December 9, 2009

it's beginning to feel more like the holidays!

my my my what a busy few days we have had! as previously posted, our tree and house are Christmas-ized! my mum came down for a few days and we did some shopping. i got most of mine done, considering j and i are only doing stockings this year.
we went to j's work christmas party, we almost didn't go, but i'm so glad that we did! i managed to find a dress (non maternity = able to wear after pregnancy!) and we had a blast! i even managed to score the centre piece as a prize!

i was a little disappointed today. you see we were supposed to be hit with a "winter" storm. instead, all we have had is mild temperatures, and rain. funny, that we live in ontario and STILL have no snow. *sigh* it's quite sad, how i long for a white Christmas!

on another note: i can feel baby moving around in there. baby armstrong is just pop pop popping away, especially when some music comes on! i can't always feel it, but every now and again ~ what an amazing feeling. i am so thankful to God each day for this true blessing! one week until we find out: is baby armstrong a he, or a she? what do you think?

November 30, 2009

oh Christmas tree!

warning: picture alert!
well sunday started off a little glum. i was grumpy (pregnancy horomones maybe?) who knows. anyway, we decided to head out with some good friends of ours, to get our tree! and not just buy a tree, but search and cut down our very own! we got started on the hunt:

then we found "the one"

and proceeded to cut it down!

all seemed to be going well! the tree wouldn't fit in the trunk as per usual, because it wasn't bundled (like the typical tree we buy)

so our only option was to tie it to the roof!

my handy husband j got started on this task. we borrowed some rope from our friends, and got started. boy did he tie this puppy down! it wasn't going anywhere. it was secure as secure can be. and well, so were the doors! lovely husband j, had tied the string through the windows with the doors shut, rather than opening them and going through the car.

my question was, how are we going to get into the car? it would take too long to undo all of his hard handywork, so climbing in seemed like the best option! *sigh* i really hope no one saw this, or noticed!

he looks so proud of himself, doesn't he? what my husband lacks in brains, he makes up for in good looks!

we got it home (and yes we had to climb out the windows in our driveway, good thing it was a quiet sunday afternoon!) and started to decorate! i must admit, it's one of the best trees i've ever had and looks beautiful!

so there you have it folks, my eventful sunday! how did you spend your weekend?

Christmas is in the air!

well, it certainly has been an eventful weekend to say the least! where should i start?
friday night we had dinner with j's aunt and uncle 5 houses down from us, then we made a quick trip to Zeller's because we heard of an awesome moonlight madness sale on a baby stroller. unfortunately the stroller fell short and it was not worth purchasing. moving on to saturday.
we had a busy busy day outside, cleaning up around the yard and getting it "winterized" j put up our lovely Christmas lights (i'll have to post a picture later), they look so pretty (although would be much better with some snow!). on top of that, i did a little last minute decoration shopping at Walmart. our old neighbour john (who is 83 but still full of life) had informed us that he would not partake in the Christmas decorating. it made me sad to think that he was so lonely. so, off i went to find something for him. i found some garland and a wreath. i snuck over to his house, climbed up the post (pregnant and all) and wrapped the garland down the post on his front porch. then as i knocked on the door and he opened it, i hung the wreath hook and wreath over the door and proclaimed "there you go, you old scrooge!" i have never seen someone so delighted in all my life! he wrapped me in a huge hug (not typical of him, he seems to have a hardened heart) and said tearfully, that with neighbours like us, he would be staying until 2050. it made my heart swell and almost brought tears to my eyes. he brought us to his basement where he opened a closet FULL of Christmas decorations, all of which hadn't been touched since his wife died 8 years ago. i grabbed a few more things to add to his front window, and called it a day. the next step is to invite him over for a turkey closer to Christmas. after that, my mother informed us of an awesome deal at Babies-R-Us. a stroller regular $380 was on sale for $250 and the matching playpen regular $200 was on for $120! we rushed over (no rainchecks allowed) and got it! it's a beauty isn't it?
i think this is a long enough post in itself, so i'll spare you all (i say this as if someone reads my blog) the reading, and post a second one to recount sunday's adventures!

November 23, 2009

i'm a fatty

so i was teaching today, at a school that i'm often at, but never usually in the higher grades. i was on lunch supervision, when some grade 7 girls were out in the hallway rather than the classroom. i asked them politely where they needed to be, and they told me they were just getting something from their bag. fair enough. i let them carry on, so long as it didn't take too long. as i was leaving, one girl paused and then said "can i ask you something?" of course i said yes, and then i waited. there was quite the long pause, and then a hesitant and soft "umm so you um...expecting.....(long pause which i waited to hear what was coming next), or are you um...........just fat?" i'm sure i had a look of disbelief. thank goodness i am expecting, or i may have been slightly insulted. i can't lie and say that i'm not a little insulted though. apparently i look like a big fatty. end of story. *sigh* gotta love grade 7 girls and their blunt curiosity.

November 19, 2009


my husband and i lead youth at our local church. it's a rewarding experience, and fun to do. some days i feel like an over-used volunteer, because really we are supposed to have a youth pastor doing this, and we (the volunteers) would be helping out. instead, we're essentially the youth pastors - but not being paid. that's ok though, it is rewarding.
the other night we had a great experience. the youth came with loads of questions in mind, some were silly (do you think God would be ok if we walked around naked all the time, because that's essentially how He made us?) and some were loaded (if you commit suicide, do you still go to heaven). i'm amazed at what the mind of a 13 year old can pull out of reading a few verses in the bible. one interesting thing was that we had a girl bring a friend. we always encourage this, we're a small church, youth bringing friends means a growing youth group. what was interesting was that this girl was mormon. not at all in line with our beliefs at our church. it struck me funny that her mum would allow her to come to our youth group. all i can do, and encourage our youth to do is pray for her!

November 16, 2009

baby bump

ok so i figure it's time for a pregnancy post, because who doesn't love that.
baby is an orange now. funny, because that seems to be my weird pregnancy craving. if i can suck on an orange, i'm a happy camper. and i suppose that's pretty good, they are definately healthy and jam packed full of vitamin c for me and baby! unfortunately that morning sickness (aka all day sickness) that i thought was gone. not so much. i tried to stop taking the diclectin for a day, and boy was that a bad idea. it was like being hit by a brick wall. i was down and out. i started taking it again immediately, and slowly began to feel better. darn, just my luck.
so here's the 15 week baby bump shot. i feel like it's abnormally big for 15 weeks...i had someone make a comment that i was "huge" for almost 4 months. that made me feel great. maybe it's a bit of bloat? i don't know guy, is this normal? considering it's only our first?

it's been a while

ok, so it's been a while since i last posted. but i figure, no one's reading so hey, who cares. and then i thought about the off chance that someone might stop by my blog to read and see that i hadn't posted, and be disappointed and never come back. so if you're new, and reading this ~ please stay!
not a lot happening here in the armstrong household. we both had friday afternoon off (hurray, considering j ended up working saturday and sunday) so we made a little trip down to babies-r-us. we had a jolly old time registering, but holy cow my friends, is it ever overwhelming! like seriously, i would never have known that you need 3 (yes you heard me right, 3) freaking car seats! or that because i am planning to breast feed that results in STILL needing bottles and a breast pump. maybe i'm still young and naive to all of this, but it was a bit of a kicker. luckily, the lady at the store was super nice and helped us out, without even flinching at my sheer and utter stupidity to the subject. j made me register for a gorgeous crib ~ beautiful white, sturdy, thick and also $350.... you know, just put away a little bit each week and that crib will be mine all mine. it doesn't seem right. i mean sure, i want little peanut to have it all, but really, i saw an equally gorgeous crib (ok maybe not AS gorgeous) for only $139...and it could be mine all mine today. however, j seems to be a brand name snob all of a sudden and really wants to fork out the dough for this crib. i also had to remind him that the stroller/car seat system we chose it almost $400 and how are we supposed to afford all of this? i would rather buy a crib used than a stroller... something about using a stroller with fabric that other kids have messed in just doesn't do it for me. however a crib (minus mattress) is easily cleanable
the stroller...gorgeous no?

October 27, 2009


i clearly know i am writing to no one but myself. how do i get people to be able to read and follow my blog? i find others, and can read theirs. how come no one can find mine?

on a happier note, i am officially 12 weeks. yay 3 month mark! yay morning sickness gone!

is my belly getting bigger?

October 20, 2009

11 weeks

oh a little's interesting that all this is growing inside! i don't feel different (well other than the 24/7 nausea and sickness) but other than that, i don't look pregnant no bump, nothing. funny how we compare the size to fruits and veggies, good thing i don't have a complex or else i would be fearful each time i ate that i was eating baby!

am i back in highschool?

alright, so i'm having this dilemna. i sent out an email to my closest 3 girlfriends to let them know the big news, that i in fact was going to give birth. two of my girlfriends were through the roof, the other one, not so much. now she didn't really NOT extend a congrats, but it was very mediocre. along the lines of "congrats melissa, that's great. i hope you're happy". what do you mean you hope i'm happy? of course i am, we're estatic, that's why i'm telling you with such enthusiasm! so then it came up in conversation with one of the three that i was worried about her reaction. did i feel a little highschool saying something like that; maybe a little. but it was on my mind. the next thing i know, it's coming back to bite me in the behind. a series of nasty emails telling me to talk to her personally about situations would be appreciated, that she was never NOT happy etc. i didn't even know what to say. i was dumbfounded. so i sent the backdown email, i was in no mood to fight, it's not my thing really. i just simply say "L i'm sorry, i never wanted you upset, and i still don't. i don't know what to say, the damage is done, i apologize. i'll leave the ball in your court and when you are not upset anymore, you can message me." i thought i was being a peacekeeper. apparently not. i get yet another nasty email back. "you clearly don't understand. this is insane." no, you know what, i do understand and you're insane. i feel like i'm back in highschool? i thought we were grown mature women, who valued eachother's friendship and when one offered a peace offering, it was taken. apparently not. do any of you still go through this with friends? *sigh*

October 16, 2009

is this thing on?

alright, i've done it. i've joined the blogging world! after creeping others blogs, i've decided to make it official (and less creepy) by making my own blog, and acknowledging in public that i follow too! not that my life is particularily interesting, but i thought it would be fun to blog about life in general. what it's like to be a new wife of a year, have a baby on the way and what it's like for both of us to be starting new careers! it will be random to say the least ~ but stay tuned and enjoy!