November 16, 2009

baby bump

ok so i figure it's time for a pregnancy post, because who doesn't love that.
baby is an orange now. funny, because that seems to be my weird pregnancy craving. if i can suck on an orange, i'm a happy camper. and i suppose that's pretty good, they are definately healthy and jam packed full of vitamin c for me and baby! unfortunately that morning sickness (aka all day sickness) that i thought was gone. not so much. i tried to stop taking the diclectin for a day, and boy was that a bad idea. it was like being hit by a brick wall. i was down and out. i started taking it again immediately, and slowly began to feel better. darn, just my luck.
so here's the 15 week baby bump shot. i feel like it's abnormally big for 15 weeks...i had someone make a comment that i was "huge" for almost 4 months. that made me feel great. maybe it's a bit of bloat? i don't know guy, is this normal? considering it's only our first?

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  1. Thanks for the great comment you left! It's fun to find blogs and be inspired by others. I'll be keeping up with yours and your pregnancy. I know you can't wait until that sonogram. It seemed like it took forever to come for us. Do you have a strong feeling boy or girl? It will be exciting to see!!


thanks for all your lovely comments!