November 30, 2009

Christmas is in the air!

well, it certainly has been an eventful weekend to say the least! where should i start?
friday night we had dinner with j's aunt and uncle 5 houses down from us, then we made a quick trip to Zeller's because we heard of an awesome moonlight madness sale on a baby stroller. unfortunately the stroller fell short and it was not worth purchasing. moving on to saturday.
we had a busy busy day outside, cleaning up around the yard and getting it "winterized" j put up our lovely Christmas lights (i'll have to post a picture later), they look so pretty (although would be much better with some snow!). on top of that, i did a little last minute decoration shopping at Walmart. our old neighbour john (who is 83 but still full of life) had informed us that he would not partake in the Christmas decorating. it made me sad to think that he was so lonely. so, off i went to find something for him. i found some garland and a wreath. i snuck over to his house, climbed up the post (pregnant and all) and wrapped the garland down the post on his front porch. then as i knocked on the door and he opened it, i hung the wreath hook and wreath over the door and proclaimed "there you go, you old scrooge!" i have never seen someone so delighted in all my life! he wrapped me in a huge hug (not typical of him, he seems to have a hardened heart) and said tearfully, that with neighbours like us, he would be staying until 2050. it made my heart swell and almost brought tears to my eyes. he brought us to his basement where he opened a closet FULL of Christmas decorations, all of which hadn't been touched since his wife died 8 years ago. i grabbed a few more things to add to his front window, and called it a day. the next step is to invite him over for a turkey closer to Christmas. after that, my mother informed us of an awesome deal at Babies-R-Us. a stroller regular $380 was on sale for $250 and the matching playpen regular $200 was on for $120! we rushed over (no rainchecks allowed) and got it! it's a beauty isn't it?
i think this is a long enough post in itself, so i'll spare you all (i say this as if someone reads my blog) the reading, and post a second one to recount sunday's adventures!

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  1. I read :) Sounds like you guys had a good weekend, and way to go on making your neighbor feel loved! I love it! :)


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