November 23, 2009

i'm a fatty

so i was teaching today, at a school that i'm often at, but never usually in the higher grades. i was on lunch supervision, when some grade 7 girls were out in the hallway rather than the classroom. i asked them politely where they needed to be, and they told me they were just getting something from their bag. fair enough. i let them carry on, so long as it didn't take too long. as i was leaving, one girl paused and then said "can i ask you something?" of course i said yes, and then i waited. there was quite the long pause, and then a hesitant and soft "umm so you um...expecting.....(long pause which i waited to hear what was coming next), or are you um...........just fat?" i'm sure i had a look of disbelief. thank goodness i am expecting, or i may have been slightly insulted. i can't lie and say that i'm not a little insulted though. apparently i look like a big fatty. end of story. *sigh* gotta love grade 7 girls and their blunt curiosity.

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  1. aww, I had a comment like that too when I started showing. A woman I sort of knew stopped our conversation and pointed at my belly saying "is that a little bump?" Good thing it was!


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