November 16, 2009

it's been a while

ok, so it's been a while since i last posted. but i figure, no one's reading so hey, who cares. and then i thought about the off chance that someone might stop by my blog to read and see that i hadn't posted, and be disappointed and never come back. so if you're new, and reading this ~ please stay!
not a lot happening here in the armstrong household. we both had friday afternoon off (hurray, considering j ended up working saturday and sunday) so we made a little trip down to babies-r-us. we had a jolly old time registering, but holy cow my friends, is it ever overwhelming! like seriously, i would never have known that you need 3 (yes you heard me right, 3) freaking car seats! or that because i am planning to breast feed that results in STILL needing bottles and a breast pump. maybe i'm still young and naive to all of this, but it was a bit of a kicker. luckily, the lady at the store was super nice and helped us out, without even flinching at my sheer and utter stupidity to the subject. j made me register for a gorgeous crib ~ beautiful white, sturdy, thick and also $350.... you know, just put away a little bit each week and that crib will be mine all mine. it doesn't seem right. i mean sure, i want little peanut to have it all, but really, i saw an equally gorgeous crib (ok maybe not AS gorgeous) for only $139...and it could be mine all mine today. however, j seems to be a brand name snob all of a sudden and really wants to fork out the dough for this crib. i also had to remind him that the stroller/car seat system we chose it almost $400 and how are we supposed to afford all of this? i would rather buy a crib used than a stroller... something about using a stroller with fabric that other kids have messed in just doesn't do it for me. however a crib (minus mattress) is easily cleanable
the stroller...gorgeous no?

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