November 30, 2009

oh Christmas tree!

warning: picture alert!
well sunday started off a little glum. i was grumpy (pregnancy horomones maybe?) who knows. anyway, we decided to head out with some good friends of ours, to get our tree! and not just buy a tree, but search and cut down our very own! we got started on the hunt:

then we found "the one"

and proceeded to cut it down!

all seemed to be going well! the tree wouldn't fit in the trunk as per usual, because it wasn't bundled (like the typical tree we buy)

so our only option was to tie it to the roof!

my handy husband j got started on this task. we borrowed some rope from our friends, and got started. boy did he tie this puppy down! it wasn't going anywhere. it was secure as secure can be. and well, so were the doors! lovely husband j, had tied the string through the windows with the doors shut, rather than opening them and going through the car.

my question was, how are we going to get into the car? it would take too long to undo all of his hard handywork, so climbing in seemed like the best option! *sigh* i really hope no one saw this, or noticed!

he looks so proud of himself, doesn't he? what my husband lacks in brains, he makes up for in good looks!

we got it home (and yes we had to climb out the windows in our driveway, good thing it was a quiet sunday afternoon!) and started to decorate! i must admit, it's one of the best trees i've ever had and looks beautiful!

so there you have it folks, my eventful sunday! how did you spend your weekend?

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