November 19, 2009


my husband and i lead youth at our local church. it's a rewarding experience, and fun to do. some days i feel like an over-used volunteer, because really we are supposed to have a youth pastor doing this, and we (the volunteers) would be helping out. instead, we're essentially the youth pastors - but not being paid. that's ok though, it is rewarding.
the other night we had a great experience. the youth came with loads of questions in mind, some were silly (do you think God would be ok if we walked around naked all the time, because that's essentially how He made us?) and some were loaded (if you commit suicide, do you still go to heaven). i'm amazed at what the mind of a 13 year old can pull out of reading a few verses in the bible. one interesting thing was that we had a girl bring a friend. we always encourage this, we're a small church, youth bringing friends means a growing youth group. what was interesting was that this girl was mormon. not at all in line with our beliefs at our church. it struck me funny that her mum would allow her to come to our youth group. all i can do, and encourage our youth to do is pray for her!

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