December 17, 2009

i. am. so. excited.

the title says it all! we are heading for our 19 week ultrasound today (aka the big one!) hopefully baby armstrong doesn't play shy and gives us a little show, and hopefully the ultrasound technician isn't a grinch and provides us with an early little Christmas gift (here in Canada it's technically illegal for the tech to say anything) so stay tuned (ha, for the many readers out there)
will baby armstrong be a boy or a girl?


  1. Good luck, that is so exciting! Is it illegal for the doctor to tell you too or just the tech?

  2. apparently it's not even the technician, i did not realize this! i guess it's the radiologist associated with the x-ray clinic and whether or not he/she allows the techs to say anything! luckily i went to one that allows it!


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