December 9, 2009

it's beginning to feel more like the holidays!

my my my what a busy few days we have had! as previously posted, our tree and house are Christmas-ized! my mum came down for a few days and we did some shopping. i got most of mine done, considering j and i are only doing stockings this year.
we went to j's work christmas party, we almost didn't go, but i'm so glad that we did! i managed to find a dress (non maternity = able to wear after pregnancy!) and we had a blast! i even managed to score the centre piece as a prize!

i was a little disappointed today. you see we were supposed to be hit with a "winter" storm. instead, all we have had is mild temperatures, and rain. funny, that we live in ontario and STILL have no snow. *sigh* it's quite sad, how i long for a white Christmas!

on another note: i can feel baby moving around in there. baby armstrong is just pop pop popping away, especially when some music comes on! i can't always feel it, but every now and again ~ what an amazing feeling. i am so thankful to God each day for this true blessing! one week until we find out: is baby armstrong a he, or a she? what do you think?

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