December 22, 2009

some thoughts

as it gets closer and closer to Christmas, i find that things have been happening that truly makes me realize and feel incredibly blessed. i have an amazing husband, and a wonderful and loving family, and i couldn't be more thankful. i also have my faith and trust in God which makes this time of year especially special. there are some things that have made me realize this too, and sometimes in life it's easy to get busy and forget.
first: j's parents have generously offered to help us with a down payment on a house. which means we won't be homeless in may when baby armstrong comes! we were living in his grandparents house (virtually rent free) after they moved to a retirement home, but they have decided to sell come spring, so this certainly comes as a huge relief, and makes me truly realize how loved and cared for we really are.
second: as i carry this baby and begin to feel her kicks and jabs more often, i realize how important having a family truly is. our old neighbour next door did not have children of his own and his wife passed away a few years ago. we decorated his house for Christmas earlier this month. it's been a rough go on him, it's the time of year that his wife died, he has no family, he's all alone AND it's his birthday. talk about a kicker. j and i have been doing our very best to show him how important he is in our lives and how much we enjoy his company. i invited him over for dinner tonight and intended on making a faux-Christmas dinner (a roast chicken instead of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn...the works) he accepted, but later declined saying he wasn't feeling well. i stopped by today to take him a plate of food, and i had also baked him his favourite pie (blueberry) and put a candle in it lit as i delivered. we also gave him a card wishing him a happy birthday and letting him know that we loved him. he was so quiet and sad when i dropped it off, he nearly cried, and i did too. i left feeling slightly better that maybe we had brightened his day, but after i got in the front door i broke down. he's 84 and truly all alone. i feel like i haven't done enough.

what do i do?

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