October 19, 2010

in love

seriously. i'm in love. kinley is waaaaaaay better dressed than her mummy. i can't resist!

October 13, 2010


this video says it all. it's in tribute to my best friend who is currently suffering from a very serious case of PPD. her little one was born 5 days after kinley and she's currently been in and out of hospital for the past 13 weeks (you may recall i asked you to pray). so please, keep praying! in the meantime, check out the video her sister created.

October 11, 2010

happy anniversary

happy 2nd anniversary to a wonderful husband! so much has happened in 2 short years.
we bought a dog
we bought a house
we had a baby
wow....but the best part is learning, growing and loving eachother more and more.
i am so excited for a lifetime of many more anniversaries!

October 9, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

to all my fellow Canadian friends out there ~ Happy Thanksgiving!
may you have a blessed time spent in fellowship with friends and family.
enjoy your turkey, pumpkin pie and all the other fixin's.

i am so thankful for my wonderful husband (and on thanksgiving monday is our 2 year anniversary!) but this year, i am so so so thankful for our wonderful daughter Kinley. i couldn't be more blessed with such a happy, healthy little girl.

"in your plenty, do not forget the Lord your God"
Deuteronomy 8:11

October 7, 2010

we told her this would happen....

ok ok before you go hating on me please know this wasn't planned and i am not a bad mother! i was cooking dinner in the kitchen and we were going to have some wine. j was holding kinley and placed her down on her tummy on the counter. she was all smiles and looking around and then all of a sudden let out a little yawn and just snuggled her head right down. first i thought it was just so cute, then i noticed the wine bottle beside her and totally cracked up. i couldn't resist taking a picture!

October 6, 2010


i never win anything! but i won something today! on a whim i posted a comment on cotton babies blog stating how much i loved their new bumgenius artist series diaper.
that got me the golden ticket to winning one! i am so excited. we have quite the stash of bumgenius diapers, and while the colours are pretty and cute, the bold print of this diaper just makes it way too fun (plus i won it!)

October 4, 2010

sleepy little monkey at 4 months

kinley after her 4 month shots! they went much much better than the 2 month shots did. she was cranky and sleepy (normal) but there was no blood in her poop and her little legs were not hot, red and swollen like before (not normal).
she weighed in at 12lbs 6oz (25th percentile for weight) and 25inches long (25th percentile for height). she's growing and happy and healthy, meeting all the milestones she should be!

another milestone that we've made around here is sleep! now she's always been sleeping through the night (10 to 12 hours) since she was 6 weeks old...yep i'm lucky, i know. BUT what she wasn't doing was napping for more than 20 minutes at a time and she also could not go to sleep without using me as her pacifier!
she still won't take a paci, but she WILL go to sleep on her own. i will nurse her until she's sleepy, so she gets a good feeding in but then i can lay her in her crib and walk away. i was completely ready for a big crying session and having to bite my nails and listen to her cry it out. however, she surprised both J and i and whimpered a bit, then "talked" a little bit (which was hilarious to listen to) and drifted off into dreamland. i couldn't believe how easy it was. i'm scared to have another, surely they aren't all this perfect?! we also now have scheduled nap times, and it's like a new baby! she goes down to bed at 8pm and sleeps until 8am. then we play on the playmat and in her jumper, maybe read some books together. around 11 she goes down for a nap until 12:30 or 1. then she's happy and wide awake until 4 ~ she doesn't even get cranky until very close to 4. we then put her down for an hour nap from 4 until 5 and she's up and ready to go until 8 when it's bedtime. i know it's better for her to have such a concrete schedule, because she's a much happier baby (as opposed to being very cranky after an hour or so and then taking a 20 minute snooze), and i'm a much happier mummy, and the predictability is just much easier to work with! it's hard to believe that in a few short weeks she will be 5 months old, where does the time go? i'm happy to say that i am still successfully nursing 100% and there are still no issues. it is truly such a blessing to have had such a smooth ride, God is so good!

September 30, 2010

how old do i look?

*ding dong*

me: hello
lady: hello, i just need to speak to your mummy or daddy if they are home tonight
me: ummm i'm the homeowner
lady: oh..oh dear, i'm so sorry. well i'm just here to see if you need a new...
me: no thank you, we just got a new hot water heater
lady: ok great, so sorry again

she couldn't get off our front porch fast enough. then my husband pulled in the driveway with our daughter. that must have really thrown her for a loop; you know, since i look like i'm 10 and still live with my "mummy and daddy".

September 22, 2010

i love fall!

this past weekend we made a trip to our local pumpkin patch. although kinley is a little young still to actually realize what's going and enjoy it, we thought it would be a fun family outing to make into a tradition.
we got some GREAT photos of her in the pumpkin patch and in some straw bales. way. too. cute.

we ate delicious pumpkin pie and drank hot apple cider it was a perfect day!

September 13, 2010


one of my all time favourite photos of kinley. she's a book worm just like me!

September 12, 2010


we went to a wedding of our good friend this past weekend. j was in the wedding party. his parents were also invited, so kinley came along. she was so well behaved and at the church during the ceremony no one would have known she was there if she wasn't so darn cute and almost stole the show!
they were so kind and offered to take her home and put her to bed after the dinner, so j and i had a chance to party it up like wild teens again (ha).
i had a total of 5 drinks, but considering i haven't had much in well over a year, it was enough to make me party hard and feel notsohot the next day. oh well, it was certainly a good time, and a much needed night out with the hubs!
not sure why he looks so serious...we had a good time i promise!

with some lovely ladies

September 11, 2010


my friend alicia and i have been going for a run basically since i was allowed to move faster than a snail (aka 6 weeks postpartum). she's such a great friend, with 3 kids of her own, and a few years older than me. she stole kinley from me a few nights before my birthday for an hour, and i didn't know why.
well the other night when we went for a run (just a few days after my birthday) i discovered why.
she had made a t-shirt with kinley's footprints on it and a little verse that read:

"this is to remind you, when i'm big and tall, that once i was quite little and my feet were very small"

turn on the waterworks! i wear that t-shirt with pride when i'm running!

September 9, 2010

hello again long lost friend!

so sorry for the delay! we had a lovely time together as a family, so i was absent from the computer. j took 10 days off and we spent a lot of time together as a family! then one thing led to another and it was my birthday, and i turned *gasp* 25, and i think i saw my first wrinkle!
we had a lovely day at the beach one of the days that j was home. we packed a picnic lunch and just sat down by the water together. kinley absolutely loved it!

at our beach area there is an old merry-go-round that you can still ride for a nickle, so we were all over that! kinley wasn't too sure what to think!
much better when dad holds me!

August 17, 2010

birthday wishes

happy birthday wishes being sent up to heaven today to Oma Schmidt. she would be 92 today.
she was the most special person in my life, and i miss her dearly each and every day. maybe this is weird to some, but i am so glad and relieved that i was able to stand beside her and hold her hand as she took her last breath after a fight with breast cancer.

i bawled the day Kinley met j's grandparents, as it brought an overwhelming feeling of emotion to me that she would never meet my Oma. but on the same note, i know her spirit is carried in Kinley, in this odd way. that's why her middle name is Anna, and it suits her so well.

"And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us" Romans 5:5
Oma's favourite verse. it was written on a piece of well loved paper and tucked into her jewellery box.

eco friendly, tree hugging, crunchy granola, earth mama

call me what you will. but i've done it. i've made the switch to cloth. i've wanted to cloth diaper since i found out that i was pregnant with kinley, but couldn't get j on board. finally, a local store had a big sale on some cloth diapers, so i went in and bought a bunch of different kinds and just told j he had no choice.

so far i'm loving it (although what i am not loving is doing a load of laundry everysinglenight! because i only have 9 diapers to work with, i have to do laundry daily). we will be getting more, i tried a variety of different brands
and i wanted to see which one i liked the best. so far it's the bumGenius, so i will be heading out today to buy about 12 or so more!

i never, ever thought i would be this way as a mother. had you asked me when i was pregnant, i was still all about breastfeeding, but i had no idea i would be how i am today. i had the philosophy of making children "independant" now i'm full on with babywearing, breastfeeding until Kinley tells me she's done (well...not if that goes past the age of a year and a half....), cloth diapers, all that jazz. it's great, i love it.

it's very surprising how you can have it all laid out, planned and ready to go on paper, but once you're thrown into it....it's a different story.

August 13, 2010

in honour

in honour of breastfeeding week (which was last week) ~ here's a photo. snuggled up with my fave family members. ernie likes to be included in everything.

August 8, 2010


my great uncle came to visit from australia. he's 83. holy cow! seriously, a 29 hour flight at 83? i did the flight when i was 16 last, and it nearly killed me.
but he's here. and first he visited my aunt and uncle in british columbia and did some flying, and then did a week long alaskan cruise, and now he's here in ontario ready to take on niagara falls and all that lovely stuff.

anyway, he was in love with kinley (but really, can you blame him?) he was always holding her and touching her and talking to her. it melted my heart. i love the photo, because it is truly something to remember. i mean it's not everyday that your great uncle (now a great great uncle) comes to visit from the land down under! plus he reminds me of my grandpa so much, and considering all my grandparents are no longer with us, i felt somewhat connected.

August 6, 2010


i finally have proof that the government pays way too many people to do....not a whole lot.

a couple of days after kinley was born, i did the online registration thingy for her birth certificate, birth registration and SIN number. i paid and it went through on my credit card.

well a week or so later i received a letter stating that the birthdate entered and the birthdate given from the medical attendant did not match. both j and i had to fill out a form and sign it to state that yes we agreed that kinley was in fact born on may 20, 2010 and send it off.
ok so no biggie.

fast forward like 8 weeks from that date. still no birth certificate or SIN card. so i call their 1-800 number. speak to the lady who assures me that the birth registration has been processed, paid, etc. she said if i didn't receive it in another week or so to call back.

well i gave them the benefit of the doubt and even waited 2 weeks, just so i wouldn't be that obnoxious person who calls on the exact week mark, when in fact it would arrive in the mail that day. so i called yesterday to see what the dealio was, because alas, still no birth certificate and this stay at home mama wants to do some states side shopping!
the conversation went something like this
me: hi i'm just calling to inquire about my daughter's birth certificate, we still haven't received it and it's been about 11 weeks
government lady: well let me just look into that. oh it appears that there was a problem with the dates and they conflicted
me: yes i understand that, but my husband and i signed the little form thingy and sent it off and i called a few weeks ago and the other lady said we're all good
government lady: well yes, but the form you signed was only good for the birth registration
me: pardon?
government lady: it was only good to update the birth date on the birth registration, not the birth certificate
me: i don't understand, isn't the birth registration essentially the same thing but the birth certificate is just the little form thingy?
government lady: well yes, but the form you signed only changes the date on one
me: *blink blink* ummmm so when exactly was someone going to inform me of this, or was i just supposed to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting for this birth certificate like a moron
government lady: well i'm sorry ma'am but you will need to provide a handwritten letter stating her birthdate is in fact may 20, 2010
me: ummm, didn't i already do that?
government lady: well yes you did, but again like i said, it was only valid for the birth registration, not the birth certificate

are you freaking kidding me? am i the only one who finds this completely absurd? why am i sending in the same form twice? why doesn't the one form work for both things, when they are essentially the same thing?! why can't they just transfer all that info over?
so there it is folks, proof that the ontario government pays too many people to do not a whole lot.

is this bad parenting?

kinley was SO whiney yesterday. we could barely sit down to eat dinner. i got a little fed up and stuck in the baby einstein dvd that i just bought. she was transfixed, and we could eat in quiet.
is that considered bad parenting? ha

August 3, 2010

make my heart melt

this morning this little cutie-pa-tootie woke me up with something different.

rather than her usual whimper/cry i woke up to the sound of her babbling and chattering away in her crib. i didn't even get up right away, i just lay there listening to her chatter on, it was way too cute and melted my heart.

July 30, 2010

he was feeling left out

it's been a while

are those eyelashes not to die for?

maybe i missed the memo

j and i went for a little shopping trip to goodwill tonight after dinner. i am looking for a little cabinet to refinish to make into a bookcase for kinley's room for her ever-growing book collection (seriously, she has a lot, we read a book everyday. i'm determined to make her smart, studies show kids who are read to at an early age acquire more language, faster, but more on that another day).
anyway, while perusing the furniture section i came across a beautiful dining room cabinet. seriously it was stunning, and i envisioned it painted white and distressed slightly with our crystal in it, so i decided to check the pricetag.

WTF?! are you kidding me? last time i checked, goodwill is where you go to buy second hand items for a good price. you know, like a shirt for $4.00, and little kitchen wares for $0.50.....
but a dining room cabinet at pottery barn prices?
so please, tell me, when did goodwill start pricing things with $450.00 price tags, cause i'm pretty sure your middle class joe doesn't often go to goodwill looking for a new dining room cabinet at that price.

July 27, 2010

the bathing suit dilemma

ok ladies. where do i go to buy a new swimsuit? i haven't shopped for one in years, and now i need a new one.
here's my dilemma:
  • i'm actually 10lbs and a size smaller than what i was BEFORE i had kinley (i have no idea how this has happened).
  • i feel great and am actually pleased with my new shape
  • however (you know there's always a but right?) i have stretch marks.
this is quite devestating to me. j keeps telling me they aren't noticeable, but i'm no fool.

so now i need a new swimsuit to hide them. no more itsy bitsy bikini for me.

i have 2 criteria
1. i must be able to purchase it here in canada (and if it's ordered online they must ship to canada)
2. it cannot look like a "mum" bathing suit
i don't care how young this model is, this screams "old lady" right here.

so ladies, where do i find a new swimsuit?

July 23, 2010


so in case you didn't know, we bought our house from j's gma and gpa.

originally we were renting it from them when we first got married, since they weren't quite ready to let go of it at the time. it then turned into us buying it, since it was affordable and we were quite comfy here.

however, while we rented, we also let them store some things here. well, now that it's ours, it's about time to get some of that stuff out.

and boy is there a lot of it. we have a basement...you wouldn't know it, because we never go down there.
why you ask? let me show you.

that is all their stuff (minus the golf clubs). but that's just the furnace room. there's a finished den area too.

it is jam packed with stuff too. some of our stuff, but mostly theirs. we can't do anything with it. and see those nice closets? they are cedar, floor to ceiling. very nice.
let me show you what's in them.

gma stopped by today to take a few boxes of things. it was quite hilarious what she found really. it amazes me how much old people like to save things, but yet don't know exactly what they've saved.

for example today she found:
a 35 year old mink coat (and asked me if i wanted it) - no thanks gma, someone from peta would probably shoot me these days.
the dress that she wore to my in-law's wedding (25 years ago)
she also found some ratty old outdoor cushions that she proceeded to tell me to throw out (why did she keep them in the first place?)

i wished i had taken a photo of the mink coat, it was a beaut.

the best part was when she asked me if i still had the pink bedspread that was on the bed in the furnace room. it was this colour.

i told a little white lie and said it wasn't on the bed, that maybe it was in the closet.

except... it WAS on the bed. when we moved in, and as we shuffled things, i took it off and was about to pack it into a garbage bag, with FULL intentions of putting it in said closet. however, darling hubby decided to just chuck it. so the one item we tossed, is the one item she actually remembered having, and asked for it. shootmeinthefoot

so anyway, that begins the journey to having our basement cleaned out to call our own. i wonder how long it will actually take? *sigh*

July 21, 2010


our new couch and chairs were delivered today.
don't you just love delivery guys? you know, when you buy something and ask for it to be delivered and they give you that lovely time slot.
"your furniture will be delivered between 1 and 6 pm on wednesday"
gee thanks, that really gives me a good idea when i can expect my furniture. and usually you wait around ALL DAY and they FINALLY show up at, you know, 5:50pm.

anyway, i was lucky and they were running ahead of schedule so they called and had everything delivered by noon!

our living room is starting to shape together. i even don't mind the red colour so much with the new furniture.

but i still am going to paint the room white because i don't like it THAT much.

so without making you wait any longer....the new furniture!

i can't wait to get it painted white, along with changing that hideous wood panel wall!

and you're seeing correctly.
i did just have a baby, and i did just buy white furniture.
i swear i haven't gone loopy. it's slipcovered, and i own a washing machine and bleach.
makes perfect sense to me! what better way to keep couches free from sticky fingers than by washing them?

i can't resist the cuteness!

she's just too cute. we had a little photo shoot with a good friend of mine. i couldn't be happier with the photos!

one of my favourites. i love her face.

the best part, is that we could feel the rumble in her bum as we held her.


ok so it's not that big of a deal.
there are many purses out there that are MUCH more expensive... i know this is a poor man's version of a "designer" purse. but for poor people like myself, this is considered a splurge. it's my third coach purse ever. the first one i bought when i was still in university, my friend and i decided to buy one, you know since we had tons of money to drop on purses instead of pay our tuition. who wouldn't buy a purse? i carried that purse for 3 years straight.
the second one my mum bought me as a birthday gift. i've been using it for a year straight.
this is my third. the hubs said i could buy it since he went fishing last weekend.
yes that's right, he left me and kinley home alone, from wednesday until sunday while he went fishing in timmins, ontario (the boonies, 10 hours away with no cell phone reception) i was nervous to say the least. he felt bad that i had to do it solo, so he said i could buy a purse.
i think he should go fishing more often.
it's leather, and beautiful, and roomy (you know to carry all sorts of practical things like diapers and wipes and pacifiers).
it's also green. a beautiful kelly green. which i know is impractical come winter (as the lady told me in the store yesterday) but i don't really care. i can't afford another purse for "summer" and "winter" so i will carry it all year, and maybe for 3 years. or at least until i can afford to buy another one.
so here it is.

July 19, 2010

fab find

while out on a shopping date with kinley today, i came across these awesome apothecary jars for our bathroom. they will go on a glass shelf above the toilet once the room gets painted. they're from home outfitters, so they aren't "real" apothecary jars, but i think they look just fine.
for only $19.99 i can't complain!

8 things

thought this was a neat survey...borrowed it from Live.Love.Laugh

8 Things I'm looking forward to...

1. the bathroom being finished

2. decorating the living room

3. seeing what each month with kinley brings

4. getting our couches on wednesday

5. eating dairy products again one day

6. getting back into the swing of life

7. refinishing an old coffee table

8. eating fresh peaches from the market on friday

8 Things I did yesterday...

1. slept until 8:00am!

2. welcomed the hubs home from his fishing trip 10 hours away

3. ate chinese food at the in-law's for lunch

4. went to ikea

5. bought new couches

6. bought ernie a new doggie bed (that he actually slept in!)
7. ate delicious tilapia with asparagus for dinner

8. got caught up on some laundry

8 Things I wish I could do...

1. wear a normal bra

2. wear a bra without breastpads

3. go to an all inclusive resort

4. visit family in australia

5. make my stretch marks disappear

6. finish paying off my student loan

7. get a full time teaching contract

8. buy our dream home

8 Things I enjoy...

1. watching kinley grow each day

2. making our house our home
3. nursing kinley
4. cooking

5. being fortunate enough to be a sahm for a year

6. having the evenings with j

7. a glass of wine

8. snuggling in with kinley after j leaves for work in the morning

living room progress

so admidst our bathroom reno (yes, the one that was started in march that is still going on.....thanks hubby) we also decided to reno our living room. we ripped up the carpet and refinished the original hardwood floors. white paint is coming, and new couches have just been ordered, set to arrive on wednesday. even just the floor alone makes it look 1000000000000000000 times better. i forgot to take an actual "before" photo so please excuse that this is from christmas, it's all i have. but do note the hideous blue carpet. and wood panel wall.

and "after" (but it's still in progress)