January 4, 2010

happy new year...and lots of other things rolled into one!

it's been a while!
finally our furnace was fixed (for those of you wondering) but not until december 31st. yep that's right, we held out. at first a friend was looking at it for us, but he couldn't figure it out. so we called trusty mr. furnace. and with an $800 bill later, it was fixed. ouch.
on to new years. we had a lovely time out for dinner with another couple. unfortunately our restaurant of choice wasn't quite on the ball, and it cost them a pretty penny. first our appetizers came, so far so good. then two bites into our appetizers, our meal came. shuffling things around the table and finishing our appetizers meant a cold meal. no one complained - except me. i felt awful doing it (i hate being the complainer) but my steak which i had ordered medium well, was most definately medium-rare. i knew i wouldn't eat it, and it would be a waste of $27. so i politely asked for them to cook it up a bit more. no problem, and they did so. and they also removed it from our bill entirely, brought our table a bottle of champagne and provided free dessert, as well as take an additional 15%VIP off our bill. total cost for NYE dinner? $38 big ones.
last but not least, i finally finally, was able to buy the camera i have been lusting after! courtesy of a very generous Christmas cheque from mum&dad armstrong i was able to purchase a canon rebel XS!! so excited. i am no where near a professional, but even for a dummy like me, look at the shots i've managed to pull off!

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  1. Enjoy your new camera! I got the XSi last Christmas and just love it!


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