March 30, 2010

sometimes a reminder is all you need

last night j and i headed out to our very last youth group before baby armstrong joins us! we decided to leave a month early in order to spend some quality time together. it's been a rough year this year, with a small group, a little bit of a lack of enthusiasm (on both parts) and a tired and pregnant youth leader who teaches school, and the last thing i wanted was to teach some more until 9 on a monday evening.
but we mustered through it. and when we arrived, it was all worth it. our wonderful youth had planned a little surprise shindig for us. coming from a bunch of teens i was overwhelmed.
1) by the fact that they pulled it together on their own
2) that they actually DID appreciate the time and effort that j and i put in each week (sometimes it's hard to tell with teens...)

there was food, and cake,

and some had even brought along a few baby gifts. i have never felt so blessed, it almost brought me to tears. and it reminded me THIS is why we are obedient and desire to serve Him. not for the lovely surprise parties that come from it, but from the difference that we are making in their lives!
cutting the cake

one of our most enthusiastic youth!

her hand never left my belly all night

showing baby armstrong the love

March 29, 2010

it was too funny not to post

the view out my kitchen window on saturday morning.

nursery progress

first we'll begin with a belly shot, because really, what better way to start a nursery post?
34 weeks

we originally were going to rip up the carpet and reinstall a nice cream carpet in the nursery. but to our {delightful} surprise the original hardwood was underneath, basically untouched! they hadn't even glued the carpet down, it was merely tacked around the edges! so we refinished them a natural wood colour.

the crib and accent wall

the change table and some built in storage

it's not set in stone the placement of things but it's a general idea. now i just need to refinish a few items, and we have to put the doors back on, switch plates, vents, etc. i also am looking for some dainty lamps, as there is no overhead light in the room, and i am thinking i would like to keep it that way. however, i'm not overly fond of "cutesy" nursery lamps. any suggestions? they had a nice one at bombay for 50% off, but that still leaves me at $80 for two lamps...seems a bit steep.

a great little unit i found at homesense! it has the paisley pattern that matches the crib bedding on the front, the only problem is that it's more "blue" than "teal", so i'll just refinish it to a nice white (but leave the front detail)

the dresser turned changetable that i scored off kijiji for $20 and refinished and added some cute little crystal knobs.

it was my first refinishing project, and i must say i'm pretty impressed with how it turned out! it was nice that it was so cheap, because then if i messed it up, i wasn't going to be too disappointed, but all went well!

a nice little table that i scored at goodwill for $10. well it was $10 to start, but then who knew goodwill had "sales" so it was 25% off. i'm going to refinish this white, and i'm hoping it will be a good fit for beside the nursing chair with a lamp on it. plus it's a perfect height to reach things while seated.

and lastely, my first "sewing" project with my sewing machine that i got for christmas. i measured a little bit wrong, but for the most part i don't think you can tell! the window valance that matches the crib bedding and accent wall to a tee!

so if anyone has suggestions on furniture placement, finishing touches, or where to score some nice lamps...let me know!

bathroom reno

this will mostly just be pictures documenting the bathroom progress. it's getting there, slowly but surely.

to begin, we have our "before" photos. a lovely blue themed bathroom. it was beautiful i tell you, it broke my heart to see it go.
the vanity

the lovely blue toilet and tub

let the destruction begin!

the two most amusing things that we found while doing this reno...a ruler stuck behind some drywall as a shim, to make it fit. and when we pulled off the mirror/medecine cabinet; the giant hole it was covering, along with the electrical work that had been wallpapered over.

where the tub was, along with some rotting sub floor. and a rotting wall ~ they decided that moisture resistant drywall, or moisture barrier and insulation wasn't needed. just some insulation and plywood would do the trick!

and that leaves us with where we are today!

next will be to tile the floors. once that is done, we can install the new vanity, and begin tiling the walls.


i think i might pop this baby out simply due to stress. and that is really the last thing i need right now.

the nursery floors finally got finished, so i could move the crib from our living room (where it has been residing for the past 2 months) to the nursery.

our bathroom is still stud walls, and plywood subfloor. with a toilet that moves when you sit on it, and a tub to bathe in (but no shower) via a copper pipe faucet. it's high class you guys.

oh and did i mention that i brush my teeth in the kitchen sink and do my makeup via a handheld mirror?

and on top of that, we close on our house on thursday. have you ever bought a house from family? i suggest not doing it. especially if your father-in-law is a lawyer, but not the lawyer who is taking care of the legal things regarding the sale of the house. and when it's from grandparents, one of whom can sign for themselves, but the other who cannot, and has a different son acting as power of attorney.
he (FIL) likes to do things at the last minute, so i spent the day running around trying to figure out how to deal with a large sum of money (personal)cheque that we just received, without the bank putting a hold on it because we close on april 1. if we had just received the cheque when we started dealing with legal things it would have been fine. from there, the lawyer decides to contact my FIL instead of myself and my husband to set up times to sign the papers for the house. my FIL isn't the one signing, he has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PURCHASE OF OUR HOUSE, why is the lawyer calling him to see what times work? CALL ME!

what stresses you out?

March 4, 2010

i love home depot

i love home depot. i never thought i would hear myself say that. not only for the endless supply of things that leaves me full of new ideas as i walk down the aisles, but for their amazing customer service!
seriously. they aren't on commission, what does it matter to them if my bathtub hasn't come in yet? but they did care. they went above and beyond, and it was amazing! the guy was 110% on the ball last night when we mentioned that we were just curious to see an "estimated" date of arrival for our bathtub, vanity top and faucet so we could plan a major destruction and installation in the same day. because: it's our only bathroom. so he ran around the store, figuring out that our bathtub will most likely be in tomorrow, and that their store did not have any vanity tops and wouldn't be getting any until the 18th, but that another store had 6, so he was going to do a special transfer. then the wonderful faucet. it wouldn't be in until...oh next month. maybe. so i sighed and said maybe we can just choose another faucet for the tub, because really to put off a whole reno for a faucet seemed silly to me. so we went to take a look. unfortunately nothing was in the same price range. we kind of went middle of the road. so there was nothing comparable, unless we were talking about $80 to $150 more. so the conversation goes:
mr. home depot: "it's kind of our fault"
me: "well not really, how is it your fault that i chose a faucet that's on backorder?"
mr. home depot: "well i don't know, somewhere it's not being shipped from china, or it's stuck on a boat or..i don't know it's just our fault"
me: "that's silly, it's not, i'll suck it up and choose a different one"
mr. home depot: "well are there any that you like? i mean it's your only bathroom, we need to get you a faucet"
me: "of course, but i didn't want to spend $150 more..."
mr. home depot: "well don't worry about it, since it's our fault, just choose the one you like best and i'll give it to you for the same price, and we'll special order the vanity for you, and get the tub in and package it all up tomorrow to ship"

my eyes popped out of my head. i felt like i had just won the lottery. i did a little dance and shook my little pregnant belly. i wanted to hug mr. home depot! it was unbelievable he was just so matter-of-fact and nice. so we got the royal treatment, and a better faucet for about $100 off the original price.

March 1, 2010

adorable and completely obsessed

i am absolutely in LOVE with these hats. believe you - me if i could crochet i'd be whipping up a bazillion of these in a hurry. i'm just waiting for baby armstrong to make her debut to be absolutely 100% without a doubt certain that she, is really a she. see after no girls in the family for 45 does have people wondering. so before i jump ahead and order one, i just sit and drool over how adorable these really are and wait until i can order myself one. check out her etsy site link below!
her blog is just as cute, and i enjoy the photos and new creations!

CUSTOM Baby Bow Hat by bitOwhimsy on Etsy

a real update

ok, so it's time i posted a real update. we're just getting over the flu in the household, so the update came a bit later than anticipated. i have to admit, i was almost going to just stop blogging all together, thinking there was no point. but alas, i see one more follower and it brightened my day. and not to mention, a few comments here and there! it melted my heart! aside from that, i was encouraged by the fact that it would be nice to look back and read about the few months leading up to baby armstrong's birth and all sorts of things in between.
so where to start?
i suppose with a baby bump update. now at 30 weeks ~ holy moly guys that's SO close to the end. last picture was at 28 weeks, another one is due soon, but this will do for now!

it's hard to believe that even in the 2 weeks since this photo was taken, how much i've grown! it feels like my stomach can't expand anymore, and my belly button is almost a complete outtie now! i'm still getting sick, and taking the meds. i'm one of those "lucky" ladies that has it last all pregnancy. i also had a mini freakout the other night while lying in bed trying to fall asleep. i've been so excited up until this point and honestly haven't had any fears. then all of a sudden i start thinking "crap, this is coming soon. are j and i really ready to be parents?" i felt so overwhelmed, and it honestly even came to mind of how stupid were we, what were we thinking, or were we even thinking, we should have been more careful to prevent this for another few years. of course i felt immediately guilty, i am so in love with this little life that i then began to cry for thinking such thoughts. i tried to reassure myself that this was normal, everyone goes through it at some stage in their pregnancy...someone please tell me this is true?

on a brighter note, we finally decided to buy j's grandparent's house. they are ready to sell, and settled into their retirement home, so the house is of no use to them anymore. it's not huge, only 2 bedrooms but it's a short term investment (3 to 5 years). so renovations are underway. we painted the walls in the soon-to-be-nursery and ripped up the carpet to reveal original hardwood (my fave) that will soon be refinished. we also put in a major purchase to home depot for a bathroom, and that will commence next weekend (essentially being done in 1 weekend for fixtures since it's our only bathroom...and pregnant ladies and no bathrooms don't mix). i actually hate renovating and it's driving me nuts to have tools lying around the front hallway, the endless supply of dust, linens on my dining room table, a crib set up in my living room (oh and did i mention a ladder beside it?) but i know it will be done soon. i'll post some before and after photos too.

other than that, not a lot else is new. i really should have kept on top of posting, because as i think back i could have been blogging about baby showers (thoughts), olympics, etc. but without making this a novel i can't. unless i do it post by post. we'll see.