March 29, 2010

bathroom reno

this will mostly just be pictures documenting the bathroom progress. it's getting there, slowly but surely.

to begin, we have our "before" photos. a lovely blue themed bathroom. it was beautiful i tell you, it broke my heart to see it go.
the vanity

the lovely blue toilet and tub

let the destruction begin!

the two most amusing things that we found while doing this reno...a ruler stuck behind some drywall as a shim, to make it fit. and when we pulled off the mirror/medecine cabinet; the giant hole it was covering, along with the electrical work that had been wallpapered over.

where the tub was, along with some rotting sub floor. and a rotting wall ~ they decided that moisture resistant drywall, or moisture barrier and insulation wasn't needed. just some insulation and plywood would do the trick!

and that leaves us with where we are today!

next will be to tile the floors. once that is done, we can install the new vanity, and begin tiling the walls.

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