March 4, 2010

i love home depot

i love home depot. i never thought i would hear myself say that. not only for the endless supply of things that leaves me full of new ideas as i walk down the aisles, but for their amazing customer service!
seriously. they aren't on commission, what does it matter to them if my bathtub hasn't come in yet? but they did care. they went above and beyond, and it was amazing! the guy was 110% on the ball last night when we mentioned that we were just curious to see an "estimated" date of arrival for our bathtub, vanity top and faucet so we could plan a major destruction and installation in the same day. because: it's our only bathroom. so he ran around the store, figuring out that our bathtub will most likely be in tomorrow, and that their store did not have any vanity tops and wouldn't be getting any until the 18th, but that another store had 6, so he was going to do a special transfer. then the wonderful faucet. it wouldn't be in until...oh next month. maybe. so i sighed and said maybe we can just choose another faucet for the tub, because really to put off a whole reno for a faucet seemed silly to me. so we went to take a look. unfortunately nothing was in the same price range. we kind of went middle of the road. so there was nothing comparable, unless we were talking about $80 to $150 more. so the conversation goes:
mr. home depot: "it's kind of our fault"
me: "well not really, how is it your fault that i chose a faucet that's on backorder?"
mr. home depot: "well i don't know, somewhere it's not being shipped from china, or it's stuck on a boat or..i don't know it's just our fault"
me: "that's silly, it's not, i'll suck it up and choose a different one"
mr. home depot: "well are there any that you like? i mean it's your only bathroom, we need to get you a faucet"
me: "of course, but i didn't want to spend $150 more..."
mr. home depot: "well don't worry about it, since it's our fault, just choose the one you like best and i'll give it to you for the same price, and we'll special order the vanity for you, and get the tub in and package it all up tomorrow to ship"

my eyes popped out of my head. i felt like i had just won the lottery. i did a little dance and shook my little pregnant belly. i wanted to hug mr. home depot! it was unbelievable he was just so matter-of-fact and nice. so we got the royal treatment, and a better faucet for about $100 off the original price.


  1. Lucky! That was really nice of them to do that for you. You'll have to post photos of the renos when you are finished.

  2. I've gotten some great service from some of the people who've worked their over the years.

    And, yes, I agree with Kate -- you should post photos of what you scored!



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