March 29, 2010

nursery progress

first we'll begin with a belly shot, because really, what better way to start a nursery post?
34 weeks

we originally were going to rip up the carpet and reinstall a nice cream carpet in the nursery. but to our {delightful} surprise the original hardwood was underneath, basically untouched! they hadn't even glued the carpet down, it was merely tacked around the edges! so we refinished them a natural wood colour.

the crib and accent wall

the change table and some built in storage

it's not set in stone the placement of things but it's a general idea. now i just need to refinish a few items, and we have to put the doors back on, switch plates, vents, etc. i also am looking for some dainty lamps, as there is no overhead light in the room, and i am thinking i would like to keep it that way. however, i'm not overly fond of "cutesy" nursery lamps. any suggestions? they had a nice one at bombay for 50% off, but that still leaves me at $80 for two lamps...seems a bit steep.

a great little unit i found at homesense! it has the paisley pattern that matches the crib bedding on the front, the only problem is that it's more "blue" than "teal", so i'll just refinish it to a nice white (but leave the front detail)

the dresser turned changetable that i scored off kijiji for $20 and refinished and added some cute little crystal knobs.

it was my first refinishing project, and i must say i'm pretty impressed with how it turned out! it was nice that it was so cheap, because then if i messed it up, i wasn't going to be too disappointed, but all went well!

a nice little table that i scored at goodwill for $10. well it was $10 to start, but then who knew goodwill had "sales" so it was 25% off. i'm going to refinish this white, and i'm hoping it will be a good fit for beside the nursing chair with a lamp on it. plus it's a perfect height to reach things while seated.

and lastely, my first "sewing" project with my sewing machine that i got for christmas. i measured a little bit wrong, but for the most part i don't think you can tell! the window valance that matches the crib bedding and accent wall to a tee!

so if anyone has suggestions on furniture placement, finishing touches, or where to score some nice lamps...let me know!

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  1. How cute is your belly?! Ohmygoodness.

    I have to admit, though, when I saw the tiny picture in my reader I mistook it for the bottom of someone leaning over. I was all, "Great butt!"

    Gawd. Duh.



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