March 1, 2010

a real update

ok, so it's time i posted a real update. we're just getting over the flu in the household, so the update came a bit later than anticipated. i have to admit, i was almost going to just stop blogging all together, thinking there was no point. but alas, i see one more follower and it brightened my day. and not to mention, a few comments here and there! it melted my heart! aside from that, i was encouraged by the fact that it would be nice to look back and read about the few months leading up to baby armstrong's birth and all sorts of things in between.
so where to start?
i suppose with a baby bump update. now at 30 weeks ~ holy moly guys that's SO close to the end. last picture was at 28 weeks, another one is due soon, but this will do for now!

it's hard to believe that even in the 2 weeks since this photo was taken, how much i've grown! it feels like my stomach can't expand anymore, and my belly button is almost a complete outtie now! i'm still getting sick, and taking the meds. i'm one of those "lucky" ladies that has it last all pregnancy. i also had a mini freakout the other night while lying in bed trying to fall asleep. i've been so excited up until this point and honestly haven't had any fears. then all of a sudden i start thinking "crap, this is coming soon. are j and i really ready to be parents?" i felt so overwhelmed, and it honestly even came to mind of how stupid were we, what were we thinking, or were we even thinking, we should have been more careful to prevent this for another few years. of course i felt immediately guilty, i am so in love with this little life that i then began to cry for thinking such thoughts. i tried to reassure myself that this was normal, everyone goes through it at some stage in their pregnancy...someone please tell me this is true?

on a brighter note, we finally decided to buy j's grandparent's house. they are ready to sell, and settled into their retirement home, so the house is of no use to them anymore. it's not huge, only 2 bedrooms but it's a short term investment (3 to 5 years). so renovations are underway. we painted the walls in the soon-to-be-nursery and ripped up the carpet to reveal original hardwood (my fave) that will soon be refinished. we also put in a major purchase to home depot for a bathroom, and that will commence next weekend (essentially being done in 1 weekend for fixtures since it's our only bathroom...and pregnant ladies and no bathrooms don't mix). i actually hate renovating and it's driving me nuts to have tools lying around the front hallway, the endless supply of dust, linens on my dining room table, a crib set up in my living room (oh and did i mention a ladder beside it?) but i know it will be done soon. i'll post some before and after photos too.

other than that, not a lot else is new. i really should have kept on top of posting, because as i think back i could have been blogging about baby showers (thoughts), olympics, etc. but without making this a novel i can't. unless i do it post by post. we'll see.

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  1. I cant believe you are 30 weeks pregnant, I think it was just yesterday you told us you were pregnant!! Congrats on the house, I hope you post pics when it is done!


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