March 30, 2010

sometimes a reminder is all you need

last night j and i headed out to our very last youth group before baby armstrong joins us! we decided to leave a month early in order to spend some quality time together. it's been a rough year this year, with a small group, a little bit of a lack of enthusiasm (on both parts) and a tired and pregnant youth leader who teaches school, and the last thing i wanted was to teach some more until 9 on a monday evening.
but we mustered through it. and when we arrived, it was all worth it. our wonderful youth had planned a little surprise shindig for us. coming from a bunch of teens i was overwhelmed.
1) by the fact that they pulled it together on their own
2) that they actually DID appreciate the time and effort that j and i put in each week (sometimes it's hard to tell with teens...)

there was food, and cake,

and some had even brought along a few baby gifts. i have never felt so blessed, it almost brought me to tears. and it reminded me THIS is why we are obedient and desire to serve Him. not for the lovely surprise parties that come from it, but from the difference that we are making in their lives!
cutting the cake

one of our most enthusiastic youth!

her hand never left my belly all night

showing baby armstrong the love

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