March 29, 2010


i think i might pop this baby out simply due to stress. and that is really the last thing i need right now.

the nursery floors finally got finished, so i could move the crib from our living room (where it has been residing for the past 2 months) to the nursery.

our bathroom is still stud walls, and plywood subfloor. with a toilet that moves when you sit on it, and a tub to bathe in (but no shower) via a copper pipe faucet. it's high class you guys.

oh and did i mention that i brush my teeth in the kitchen sink and do my makeup via a handheld mirror?

and on top of that, we close on our house on thursday. have you ever bought a house from family? i suggest not doing it. especially if your father-in-law is a lawyer, but not the lawyer who is taking care of the legal things regarding the sale of the house. and when it's from grandparents, one of whom can sign for themselves, but the other who cannot, and has a different son acting as power of attorney.
he (FIL) likes to do things at the last minute, so i spent the day running around trying to figure out how to deal with a large sum of money (personal)cheque that we just received, without the bank putting a hold on it because we close on april 1. if we had just received the cheque when we started dealing with legal things it would have been fine. from there, the lawyer decides to contact my FIL instead of myself and my husband to set up times to sign the papers for the house. my FIL isn't the one signing, he has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PURCHASE OF OUR HOUSE, why is the lawyer calling him to see what times work? CALL ME!

what stresses you out?

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