April 22, 2010

3 weeks to go!

oh boy am i getting anxious. i am doing everything in my power to get baby girl out. primrose oil, red raspberry leaf tea, walking, spicy food....yes, even THAT. am i missing anything? and with my luck she'll be overdue.
part of it is due to me being uncomfortable. the other part is that i'm just done being pregnant and i want to meet her!

her, who still has no name *sigh*

the nursery is complete however. that makes me feel good! other than i don't have anything on the walls. i am trying to avoid "baby" style things, but am at a loss for what to put up there. suggestions? please?!?

April 12, 2010

opinions please

so it's down to the wire. 4 weeks to go and we're battling between two names...

Wren Anna

Berkley Anna

(either way the middle name will be Anna, after my Grandmother)

so let's hear it. awful? unique? pretty?

(p.s. i know that when you say Wren Anna together quickly it rhymes with banana, but really how often do you walk around saying a full name...)

April 2, 2010

Good Friday

in church this morning it was mentioned that a city in Iowa attempted to rename Good Friday to "Spring Holiday".
how sad is that? as diverse as a culture that we are, we cannot even keep a 2000 year old tradition alive; but are more concerned at being politically correct?
as far as i know, they had some pretty forceful feedback, and did not make the change, but it breaks my heart to know that the thought was there.
it will forever, and always be Good Friday. the day that Jesus died, for us. we owe it to Him, and we should never forget that ~ no matter what the world decides to name today.

April 1, 2010

happy house day

well, we closed on the house today. sadly it doesn't seem as exciting as some "first home" experiences, because we've already been living in the house for a year. but that's ok. we own our own little piece of the world now :o)