June 30, 2010

why i went natural

i realized in my birth story i didn't mention....

that i was able to go "au natural" as according to my birth plan.

i did this for a few reasons.
my main reason was for the benefits that i knew it would have on me and kinley. being able to feel everything during labour and birth often makes recovery much faster. you are less likely to strain muscles since you are aware of what muscles you are using to push. on that note, you are less likely to tear as badly. it also is beneficial for baby. sometimes an epidural can make babies sleepy, which can alter their chances of latching on quickly (if planning on nursing, which i am).

my other reason. it's purely ridiculous, i assure you.
i am afraid of needles.
like terrified.
DEATHLY afraid.
i would give birth a million times over rather than have a needle.
so my plan to go natural was also because of this. any testing during pregnancy that might involve a needle: i refused. i did not want iv's, or an epidural, or anything stuck in me. at all. ever. that's why i considered having a home birth, i knew there was less chance of getting poked. *please note if it was medically necessary and came down to the health of me or kinley i would have taken the needle*
in fact when i was admitted to the hospital, and hooked up to the monitors a very cheery nurse entered the room with her little cart. the poor thing wasn't much older than me, and she held a needle in her hand and said she would only be a second, she just had to take some blood.
some blood, no way lady. i freaked. like actually, in the middle of a contraction, forgot all about my contraction and began to hyperventilate (and everyone said "trust us when you're in labour you won't even think twice about a needle" boy were they wrong). i was so scared of this dang needle that kinley's heartrate when through the roof. at that point my midwife very kindly told the nurse to forget it, she might as well just leave. she began to insist that it's hospital policy to obtain blood in case they need to give me blood, etc. but annie sternly told her that it wouldn't be necessary and that i would sign any forms i needed to later to get them off the hook legally.
so that's that. me and my silly fear of needles that i forgot about my labour pains over a tiny needle to take blood.
now do you know why i didn't want the epidural?

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