July 30, 2010

he was feeling left out

it's been a while

are those eyelashes not to die for?

maybe i missed the memo

j and i went for a little shopping trip to goodwill tonight after dinner. i am looking for a little cabinet to refinish to make into a bookcase for kinley's room for her ever-growing book collection (seriously, she has a lot, we read a book everyday. i'm determined to make her smart, studies show kids who are read to at an early age acquire more language, faster, but more on that another day).
anyway, while perusing the furniture section i came across a beautiful dining room cabinet. seriously it was stunning, and i envisioned it painted white and distressed slightly with our crystal in it, so i decided to check the pricetag.

WTF?! are you kidding me? last time i checked, goodwill is where you go to buy second hand items for a good price. you know, like a shirt for $4.00, and little kitchen wares for $0.50.....
but a dining room cabinet at pottery barn prices?
so please, tell me, when did goodwill start pricing things with $450.00 price tags, cause i'm pretty sure your middle class joe doesn't often go to goodwill looking for a new dining room cabinet at that price.

July 27, 2010

the bathing suit dilemma

ok ladies. where do i go to buy a new swimsuit? i haven't shopped for one in years, and now i need a new one.
here's my dilemma:
  • i'm actually 10lbs and a size smaller than what i was BEFORE i had kinley (i have no idea how this has happened).
  • i feel great and am actually pleased with my new shape
  • however (you know there's always a but right?) i have stretch marks.
this is quite devestating to me. j keeps telling me they aren't noticeable, but i'm no fool.

so now i need a new swimsuit to hide them. no more itsy bitsy bikini for me.

i have 2 criteria
1. i must be able to purchase it here in canada (and if it's ordered online they must ship to canada)
2. it cannot look like a "mum" bathing suit
i don't care how young this model is, this screams "old lady" right here.

so ladies, where do i find a new swimsuit?

July 23, 2010


so in case you didn't know, we bought our house from j's gma and gpa.

originally we were renting it from them when we first got married, since they weren't quite ready to let go of it at the time. it then turned into us buying it, since it was affordable and we were quite comfy here.

however, while we rented, we also let them store some things here. well, now that it's ours, it's about time to get some of that stuff out.

and boy is there a lot of it. we have a basement...you wouldn't know it, because we never go down there.
why you ask? let me show you.

that is all their stuff (minus the golf clubs). but that's just the furnace room. there's a finished den area too.

it is jam packed with stuff too. some of our stuff, but mostly theirs. we can't do anything with it. and see those nice closets? they are cedar, floor to ceiling. very nice.
let me show you what's in them.

gma stopped by today to take a few boxes of things. it was quite hilarious what she found really. it amazes me how much old people like to save things, but yet don't know exactly what they've saved.

for example today she found:
a 35 year old mink coat (and asked me if i wanted it) - no thanks gma, someone from peta would probably shoot me these days.
the dress that she wore to my in-law's wedding (25 years ago)
she also found some ratty old outdoor cushions that she proceeded to tell me to throw out (why did she keep them in the first place?)

i wished i had taken a photo of the mink coat, it was a beaut.

the best part was when she asked me if i still had the pink bedspread that was on the bed in the furnace room. it was this colour.

i told a little white lie and said it wasn't on the bed, that maybe it was in the closet.

except... it WAS on the bed. when we moved in, and as we shuffled things, i took it off and was about to pack it into a garbage bag, with FULL intentions of putting it in said closet. however, darling hubby decided to just chuck it. so the one item we tossed, is the one item she actually remembered having, and asked for it. shootmeinthefoot

so anyway, that begins the journey to having our basement cleaned out to call our own. i wonder how long it will actually take? *sigh*

July 21, 2010


our new couch and chairs were delivered today.
don't you just love delivery guys? you know, when you buy something and ask for it to be delivered and they give you that lovely time slot.
"your furniture will be delivered between 1 and 6 pm on wednesday"
gee thanks, that really gives me a good idea when i can expect my furniture. and usually you wait around ALL DAY and they FINALLY show up at, you know, 5:50pm.

anyway, i was lucky and they were running ahead of schedule so they called and had everything delivered by noon!

our living room is starting to shape together. i even don't mind the red colour so much with the new furniture.

but i still am going to paint the room white because i don't like it THAT much.

so without making you wait any longer....the new furniture!

i can't wait to get it painted white, along with changing that hideous wood panel wall!

and you're seeing correctly.
i did just have a baby, and i did just buy white furniture.
i swear i haven't gone loopy. it's slipcovered, and i own a washing machine and bleach.
makes perfect sense to me! what better way to keep couches free from sticky fingers than by washing them?

i can't resist the cuteness!

she's just too cute. we had a little photo shoot with a good friend of mine. i couldn't be happier with the photos!

one of my favourites. i love her face.

the best part, is that we could feel the rumble in her bum as we held her.


ok so it's not that big of a deal.
there are many purses out there that are MUCH more expensive... i know this is a poor man's version of a "designer" purse. but for poor people like myself, this is considered a splurge. it's my third coach purse ever. the first one i bought when i was still in university, my friend and i decided to buy one, you know since we had tons of money to drop on purses instead of pay our tuition. who wouldn't buy a purse? i carried that purse for 3 years straight.
the second one my mum bought me as a birthday gift. i've been using it for a year straight.
this is my third. the hubs said i could buy it since he went fishing last weekend.
yes that's right, he left me and kinley home alone, from wednesday until sunday while he went fishing in timmins, ontario (the boonies, 10 hours away with no cell phone reception) i was nervous to say the least. he felt bad that i had to do it solo, so he said i could buy a purse.
i think he should go fishing more often.
it's leather, and beautiful, and roomy (you know to carry all sorts of practical things like diapers and wipes and pacifiers).
it's also green. a beautiful kelly green. which i know is impractical come winter (as the lady told me in the store yesterday) but i don't really care. i can't afford another purse for "summer" and "winter" so i will carry it all year, and maybe for 3 years. or at least until i can afford to buy another one.
so here it is.

July 19, 2010

fab find

while out on a shopping date with kinley today, i came across these awesome apothecary jars for our bathroom. they will go on a glass shelf above the toilet once the room gets painted. they're from home outfitters, so they aren't "real" apothecary jars, but i think they look just fine.
for only $19.99 i can't complain!

8 things

thought this was a neat survey...borrowed it from Live.Love.Laugh

8 Things I'm looking forward to...

1. the bathroom being finished

2. decorating the living room

3. seeing what each month with kinley brings

4. getting our couches on wednesday

5. eating dairy products again one day

6. getting back into the swing of life

7. refinishing an old coffee table

8. eating fresh peaches from the market on friday

8 Things I did yesterday...

1. slept until 8:00am!

2. welcomed the hubs home from his fishing trip 10 hours away

3. ate chinese food at the in-law's for lunch

4. went to ikea

5. bought new couches

6. bought ernie a new doggie bed (that he actually slept in!)
7. ate delicious tilapia with asparagus for dinner

8. got caught up on some laundry

8 Things I wish I could do...

1. wear a normal bra

2. wear a bra without breastpads

3. go to an all inclusive resort

4. visit family in australia

5. make my stretch marks disappear

6. finish paying off my student loan

7. get a full time teaching contract

8. buy our dream home

8 Things I enjoy...

1. watching kinley grow each day

2. making our house our home
3. nursing kinley
4. cooking

5. being fortunate enough to be a sahm for a year

6. having the evenings with j

7. a glass of wine

8. snuggling in with kinley after j leaves for work in the morning

living room progress

so admidst our bathroom reno (yes, the one that was started in march that is still going on.....thanks hubby) we also decided to reno our living room. we ripped up the carpet and refinished the original hardwood floors. white paint is coming, and new couches have just been ordered, set to arrive on wednesday. even just the floor alone makes it look 1000000000000000000 times better. i forgot to take an actual "before" photo so please excuse that this is from christmas, it's all i have. but do note the hideous blue carpet. and wood panel wall.

and "after" (but it's still in progress)


five of my girlfriends have had little ones in the past 2 months. weird how that happened isn't it? anyway, i'm asking for prayer for one of them. out of the 6 of us, one has severe post partum depression. it is so scary how it can happen so suddenly, to someone that you would not even anticipate getting it. she is currently in the hospital taking a "time out" from life. it's quite scary and brings me to tears, i can't imagine feeling the way she does. all i can do right now is be an awesome friend and support her. so please, if you have a spare second in your day to shout out to the Big Guy upstairs, i know i (and my friend) would greatly appreciate it.

July 18, 2010

thunder thighs

let's hope i don't give her some sort of complex when she's older by calling her that. but seriously, it's so cute.

July 15, 2010


we went "home" to the good old city of london, ontario for a few days to my parents house. it's about 2 hours away from where we live now.
we had a really nice visit, and it was the first time my dad held kinley since the hospital (in which case he only held her for .05 seconds). it was sweet to see him interact with her some more, now that he's not so nervous that she will break.
they had a jolly old time watching the formula 1 race on sunday afternoon. he even had her cheering on native-land australian driver mark webber.
"go webber go!"

July 14, 2010

instant friends

kinley was born may 20th. a mere 5 days later i found myself heading back to the labour and delivery ward.
no not for me you sillys.
my good friend had her baby. a month early! it was a complete surprise.
it was so wonderful to share our pregnancies together, but now to share the joys of motherhood with their birthday's so close is awesome! thankfully, all was well and she was perfectly healthy and came out a whopping 6lbs 14oz!
amanda and her little girl adelyn one day after she was born, with me and kinley born 5 days earlier.

July 12, 2010

best friends

sometimes when she's crying he'll just lick her little hand and snuggle up with her.
it makes my heart melt.

July 11, 2010


so i'm stuck. i love to cook, but i hate coming up with meal ideas. it's also become increasingly hard, since i can no longer have dairy. i realized a large majority of the meals i like to make, had dairy in them.

so, what are your favourite (dairy free) meals? suggestions? or maybe places to find great meal ideas?

i'm trying a weekly meal plan to try and cut down on grocery cost and to keep my sanity.

easy street

i'm scared as i type this that i will jinx myself. but seriously, we are cruising on easy street right now. kinley is 7 weeks old, and sleeping through the night my friends. like seriously ~ bless her little heart for knowing that mummy was tired and needed sleep!

our bedtime routine is as follows.
9:00 feed
9:30 to 10:30 we just hang out and watch some t.v. as a family.
10:30 bathtime

10:40 a "dream feed" to top her off for the night... and as i nurse her, she usually falls right asleep.

and from 11:00pm until 7:00am it's pure bliss ~ sleep! it's been 3 weeks of this routine so let's hope it keeps up!
sleeping beauty

July 8, 2010

swimming, swimming in the swimming pool...

when days are hot (like today)

what a WONDERFUL time we had! i was so excited, my only wish is that kinley was just as excited as mummy!

just before jumping in!
easing ourselves in...
loving it!
all tuckered out afterwards.... her onesie says it all.

life is good.

welcome summer

what is more wonderful than summer sun and flowers?
my own little flower :o)


yesterday was my last midwife appointment. it honestly brought tears to my eyes! i spent almost an entire year with 3 wonderful women, who clearly have a passion for their job. you would have to have a passion!
i mean, i don't know how women have babies with an OB after my wonderful experience with the midwives.
who else can you call at 1:30am when your baby is crying uncontrollably and they offer to come over just to "sit with you for support". or come to your house during labour so that you can be as comfortable as possible for as long as you want (or even have the baby at home!). or have hour long appointments just because you can, and answer every single one of your questions. or keep a pager on them 24/7 so that you can call at the slightest little sniffle if you feel the need to. the home visits on day 1, 3, 5 and 7 were wonderful, i didn't have to go anywhere, and furthermore when kinley started having issues with the colitis they made extra home visits to make sure everything was alright. the care and support these 3 women gave to me, j and kinley is not describable with words. it was the most wonderful and beautiful experience i have had, and you bet your bottom dollar i cried yesterday when it was time to say goodbye, at our 6 week appointment. thank goodness i can still call the office, and that there is a picnic in september. you better believe i'll be going back with baby #2 and #3 and.....well we'll see.

on a happier note, today we are heading to a friend's house for a little dip in their pool! i am so excited to see kinley's reaction in the pool, she loves the bath so hopefully in this heat she'll enjoy the pool! pictures to follow!

July 7, 2010


sometimes kinley would get fussy. very fussy. and she just wanted to be held. all. the. time.

don't get me wrong, i love holding her. however i also like going to the washroom, eating my breakfast, heck, even making my bed! which is virtually impossible to do with a newborn who doesn't have full neck support and likes to fling themselves every which way. so i tried the moby. sometimes she fussed even harder. but alas, i persisted and realized that she was SO fussy because she was SO tired. so a bit of swaying, some humming and she was out like a light. in the moby. which means i can pee, eat, make the bed, even do a little jig if i feel like it!

July 5, 2010

some maternity photos

these are a little late, i never had a chance to post them. but some photos that we took while i was still pregnant. they are now framed in kinley's room as a reminder. enjoy!