July 19, 2010

8 things

thought this was a neat survey...borrowed it from Live.Love.Laugh

8 Things I'm looking forward to...

1. the bathroom being finished

2. decorating the living room

3. seeing what each month with kinley brings

4. getting our couches on wednesday

5. eating dairy products again one day

6. getting back into the swing of life

7. refinishing an old coffee table

8. eating fresh peaches from the market on friday

8 Things I did yesterday...

1. slept until 8:00am!

2. welcomed the hubs home from his fishing trip 10 hours away

3. ate chinese food at the in-law's for lunch

4. went to ikea

5. bought new couches

6. bought ernie a new doggie bed (that he actually slept in!)
7. ate delicious tilapia with asparagus for dinner

8. got caught up on some laundry

8 Things I wish I could do...

1. wear a normal bra

2. wear a bra without breastpads

3. go to an all inclusive resort

4. visit family in australia

5. make my stretch marks disappear

6. finish paying off my student loan

7. get a full time teaching contract

8. buy our dream home

8 Things I enjoy...

1. watching kinley grow each day

2. making our house our home
3. nursing kinley
4. cooking

5. being fortunate enough to be a sahm for a year

6. having the evenings with j

7. a glass of wine

8. snuggling in with kinley after j leaves for work in the morning


  1. I am nervous for these breast pads...I just added them to my registry!!!

  2. hopefully you'll be one of those lucky women who doesn't leak. i on the other hand leak like there's no tomorrow. just call me missy the cow. i practically run a dairy farm over here. how fitting, since j grew up on one.


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