July 27, 2010

the bathing suit dilemma

ok ladies. where do i go to buy a new swimsuit? i haven't shopped for one in years, and now i need a new one.
here's my dilemma:
  • i'm actually 10lbs and a size smaller than what i was BEFORE i had kinley (i have no idea how this has happened).
  • i feel great and am actually pleased with my new shape
  • however (you know there's always a but right?) i have stretch marks.
this is quite devestating to me. j keeps telling me they aren't noticeable, but i'm no fool.

so now i need a new swimsuit to hide them. no more itsy bitsy bikini for me.

i have 2 criteria
1. i must be able to purchase it here in canada (and if it's ordered online they must ship to canada)
2. it cannot look like a "mum" bathing suit
i don't care how young this model is, this screams "old lady" right here.

so ladies, where do i find a new swimsuit?

1 comment:

  1. I have enormous luck with Vix suits. I think they ship to Canada? Otherwise you should be able to get one on Ebay.


    p.s. Your comment made me rethink the urge I have on a daily basis to delete my entire blog.


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