July 21, 2010


our new couch and chairs were delivered today.
don't you just love delivery guys? you know, when you buy something and ask for it to be delivered and they give you that lovely time slot.
"your furniture will be delivered between 1 and 6 pm on wednesday"
gee thanks, that really gives me a good idea when i can expect my furniture. and usually you wait around ALL DAY and they FINALLY show up at, you know, 5:50pm.

anyway, i was lucky and they were running ahead of schedule so they called and had everything delivered by noon!

our living room is starting to shape together. i even don't mind the red colour so much with the new furniture.

but i still am going to paint the room white because i don't like it THAT much.

so without making you wait any longer....the new furniture!

i can't wait to get it painted white, along with changing that hideous wood panel wall!

and you're seeing correctly.
i did just have a baby, and i did just buy white furniture.
i swear i haven't gone loopy. it's slipcovered, and i own a washing machine and bleach.
makes perfect sense to me! what better way to keep couches free from sticky fingers than by washing them?

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