July 23, 2010


so in case you didn't know, we bought our house from j's gma and gpa.

originally we were renting it from them when we first got married, since they weren't quite ready to let go of it at the time. it then turned into us buying it, since it was affordable and we were quite comfy here.

however, while we rented, we also let them store some things here. well, now that it's ours, it's about time to get some of that stuff out.

and boy is there a lot of it. we have a basement...you wouldn't know it, because we never go down there.
why you ask? let me show you.

that is all their stuff (minus the golf clubs). but that's just the furnace room. there's a finished den area too.

it is jam packed with stuff too. some of our stuff, but mostly theirs. we can't do anything with it. and see those nice closets? they are cedar, floor to ceiling. very nice.
let me show you what's in them.

gma stopped by today to take a few boxes of things. it was quite hilarious what she found really. it amazes me how much old people like to save things, but yet don't know exactly what they've saved.

for example today she found:
a 35 year old mink coat (and asked me if i wanted it) - no thanks gma, someone from peta would probably shoot me these days.
the dress that she wore to my in-law's wedding (25 years ago)
she also found some ratty old outdoor cushions that she proceeded to tell me to throw out (why did she keep them in the first place?)

i wished i had taken a photo of the mink coat, it was a beaut.

the best part was when she asked me if i still had the pink bedspread that was on the bed in the furnace room. it was this colour.

i told a little white lie and said it wasn't on the bed, that maybe it was in the closet.

except... it WAS on the bed. when we moved in, and as we shuffled things, i took it off and was about to pack it into a garbage bag, with FULL intentions of putting it in said closet. however, darling hubby decided to just chuck it. so the one item we tossed, is the one item she actually remembered having, and asked for it. shootmeinthefoot

so anyway, that begins the journey to having our basement cleaned out to call our own. i wonder how long it will actually take? *sigh*

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  1. oh goodness. buy beer. that's the only advice i have.



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