July 30, 2010

maybe i missed the memo

j and i went for a little shopping trip to goodwill tonight after dinner. i am looking for a little cabinet to refinish to make into a bookcase for kinley's room for her ever-growing book collection (seriously, she has a lot, we read a book everyday. i'm determined to make her smart, studies show kids who are read to at an early age acquire more language, faster, but more on that another day).
anyway, while perusing the furniture section i came across a beautiful dining room cabinet. seriously it was stunning, and i envisioned it painted white and distressed slightly with our crystal in it, so i decided to check the pricetag.

WTF?! are you kidding me? last time i checked, goodwill is where you go to buy second hand items for a good price. you know, like a shirt for $4.00, and little kitchen wares for $0.50.....
but a dining room cabinet at pottery barn prices?
so please, tell me, when did goodwill start pricing things with $450.00 price tags, cause i'm pretty sure your middle class joe doesn't often go to goodwill looking for a new dining room cabinet at that price.

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