July 21, 2010


ok so it's not that big of a deal.
there are many purses out there that are MUCH more expensive... i know this is a poor man's version of a "designer" purse. but for poor people like myself, this is considered a splurge. it's my third coach purse ever. the first one i bought when i was still in university, my friend and i decided to buy one, you know since we had tons of money to drop on purses instead of pay our tuition. who wouldn't buy a purse? i carried that purse for 3 years straight.
the second one my mum bought me as a birthday gift. i've been using it for a year straight.
this is my third. the hubs said i could buy it since he went fishing last weekend.
yes that's right, he left me and kinley home alone, from wednesday until sunday while he went fishing in timmins, ontario (the boonies, 10 hours away with no cell phone reception) i was nervous to say the least. he felt bad that i had to do it solo, so he said i could buy a purse.
i think he should go fishing more often.
it's leather, and beautiful, and roomy (you know to carry all sorts of practical things like diapers and wipes and pacifiers).
it's also green. a beautiful kelly green. which i know is impractical come winter (as the lady told me in the store yesterday) but i don't really care. i can't afford another purse for "summer" and "winter" so i will carry it all year, and maybe for 3 years. or at least until i can afford to buy another one.
so here it is.

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