July 7, 2010


sometimes kinley would get fussy. very fussy. and she just wanted to be held. all. the. time.

don't get me wrong, i love holding her. however i also like going to the washroom, eating my breakfast, heck, even making my bed! which is virtually impossible to do with a newborn who doesn't have full neck support and likes to fling themselves every which way. so i tried the moby. sometimes she fussed even harder. but alas, i persisted and realized that she was SO fussy because she was SO tired. so a bit of swaying, some humming and she was out like a light. in the moby. which means i can pee, eat, make the bed, even do a little jig if i feel like it!


  1. Love this. I put one on my registry for this exact reason. I will be able to get sh** done!!!


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