August 17, 2010

birthday wishes

happy birthday wishes being sent up to heaven today to Oma Schmidt. she would be 92 today.
she was the most special person in my life, and i miss her dearly each and every day. maybe this is weird to some, but i am so glad and relieved that i was able to stand beside her and hold her hand as she took her last breath after a fight with breast cancer.

i bawled the day Kinley met j's grandparents, as it brought an overwhelming feeling of emotion to me that she would never meet my Oma. but on the same note, i know her spirit is carried in Kinley, in this odd way. that's why her middle name is Anna, and it suits her so well.

"And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us" Romans 5:5
Oma's favourite verse. it was written on a piece of well loved paper and tucked into her jewellery box.

eco friendly, tree hugging, crunchy granola, earth mama

call me what you will. but i've done it. i've made the switch to cloth. i've wanted to cloth diaper since i found out that i was pregnant with kinley, but couldn't get j on board. finally, a local store had a big sale on some cloth diapers, so i went in and bought a bunch of different kinds and just told j he had no choice.

so far i'm loving it (although what i am not loving is doing a load of laundry everysinglenight! because i only have 9 diapers to work with, i have to do laundry daily). we will be getting more, i tried a variety of different brands
and i wanted to see which one i liked the best. so far it's the bumGenius, so i will be heading out today to buy about 12 or so more!

i never, ever thought i would be this way as a mother. had you asked me when i was pregnant, i was still all about breastfeeding, but i had no idea i would be how i am today. i had the philosophy of making children "independant" now i'm full on with babywearing, breastfeeding until Kinley tells me she's done (well...not if that goes past the age of a year and a half....), cloth diapers, all that jazz. it's great, i love it.

it's very surprising how you can have it all laid out, planned and ready to go on paper, but once you're thrown into's a different story.

August 13, 2010

in honour

in honour of breastfeeding week (which was last week) ~ here's a photo. snuggled up with my fave family members. ernie likes to be included in everything.

August 8, 2010


my great uncle came to visit from australia. he's 83. holy cow! seriously, a 29 hour flight at 83? i did the flight when i was 16 last, and it nearly killed me.
but he's here. and first he visited my aunt and uncle in british columbia and did some flying, and then did a week long alaskan cruise, and now he's here in ontario ready to take on niagara falls and all that lovely stuff.

anyway, he was in love with kinley (but really, can you blame him?) he was always holding her and touching her and talking to her. it melted my heart. i love the photo, because it is truly something to remember. i mean it's not everyday that your great uncle (now a great great uncle) comes to visit from the land down under! plus he reminds me of my grandpa so much, and considering all my grandparents are no longer with us, i felt somewhat connected.

August 6, 2010


i finally have proof that the government pays way too many people to do....not a whole lot.

a couple of days after kinley was born, i did the online registration thingy for her birth certificate, birth registration and SIN number. i paid and it went through on my credit card.

well a week or so later i received a letter stating that the birthdate entered and the birthdate given from the medical attendant did not match. both j and i had to fill out a form and sign it to state that yes we agreed that kinley was in fact born on may 20, 2010 and send it off.
ok so no biggie.

fast forward like 8 weeks from that date. still no birth certificate or SIN card. so i call their 1-800 number. speak to the lady who assures me that the birth registration has been processed, paid, etc. she said if i didn't receive it in another week or so to call back.

well i gave them the benefit of the doubt and even waited 2 weeks, just so i wouldn't be that obnoxious person who calls on the exact week mark, when in fact it would arrive in the mail that day. so i called yesterday to see what the dealio was, because alas, still no birth certificate and this stay at home mama wants to do some states side shopping!
the conversation went something like this
me: hi i'm just calling to inquire about my daughter's birth certificate, we still haven't received it and it's been about 11 weeks
government lady: well let me just look into that. oh it appears that there was a problem with the dates and they conflicted
me: yes i understand that, but my husband and i signed the little form thingy and sent it off and i called a few weeks ago and the other lady said we're all good
government lady: well yes, but the form you signed was only good for the birth registration
me: pardon?
government lady: it was only good to update the birth date on the birth registration, not the birth certificate
me: i don't understand, isn't the birth registration essentially the same thing but the birth certificate is just the little form thingy?
government lady: well yes, but the form you signed only changes the date on one
me: *blink blink* ummmm so when exactly was someone going to inform me of this, or was i just supposed to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting for this birth certificate like a moron
government lady: well i'm sorry ma'am but you will need to provide a handwritten letter stating her birthdate is in fact may 20, 2010
me: ummm, didn't i already do that?
government lady: well yes you did, but again like i said, it was only valid for the birth registration, not the birth certificate

are you freaking kidding me? am i the only one who finds this completely absurd? why am i sending in the same form twice? why doesn't the one form work for both things, when they are essentially the same thing?! why can't they just transfer all that info over?
so there it is folks, proof that the ontario government pays too many people to do not a whole lot.

is this bad parenting?

kinley was SO whiney yesterday. we could barely sit down to eat dinner. i got a little fed up and stuck in the baby einstein dvd that i just bought. she was transfixed, and we could eat in quiet.
is that considered bad parenting? ha

August 3, 2010

make my heart melt

this morning this little cutie-pa-tootie woke me up with something different.

rather than her usual whimper/cry i woke up to the sound of her babbling and chattering away in her crib. i didn't even get up right away, i just lay there listening to her chatter on, it was way too cute and melted my heart.