August 17, 2010

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call me what you will. but i've done it. i've made the switch to cloth. i've wanted to cloth diaper since i found out that i was pregnant with kinley, but couldn't get j on board. finally, a local store had a big sale on some cloth diapers, so i went in and bought a bunch of different kinds and just told j he had no choice.

so far i'm loving it (although what i am not loving is doing a load of laundry everysinglenight! because i only have 9 diapers to work with, i have to do laundry daily). we will be getting more, i tried a variety of different brands
and i wanted to see which one i liked the best. so far it's the bumGenius, so i will be heading out today to buy about 12 or so more!

i never, ever thought i would be this way as a mother. had you asked me when i was pregnant, i was still all about breastfeeding, but i had no idea i would be how i am today. i had the philosophy of making children "independant" now i'm full on with babywearing, breastfeeding until Kinley tells me she's done (well...not if that goes past the age of a year and a half....), cloth diapers, all that jazz. it's great, i love it.

it's very surprising how you can have it all laid out, planned and ready to go on paper, but once you're thrown into's a different story.

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