August 8, 2010


my great uncle came to visit from australia. he's 83. holy cow! seriously, a 29 hour flight at 83? i did the flight when i was 16 last, and it nearly killed me.
but he's here. and first he visited my aunt and uncle in british columbia and did some flying, and then did a week long alaskan cruise, and now he's here in ontario ready to take on niagara falls and all that lovely stuff.

anyway, he was in love with kinley (but really, can you blame him?) he was always holding her and touching her and talking to her. it melted my heart. i love the photo, because it is truly something to remember. i mean it's not everyday that your great uncle (now a great great uncle) comes to visit from the land down under! plus he reminds me of my grandpa so much, and considering all my grandparents are no longer with us, i felt somewhat connected.

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