August 6, 2010


i finally have proof that the government pays way too many people to do....not a whole lot.

a couple of days after kinley was born, i did the online registration thingy for her birth certificate, birth registration and SIN number. i paid and it went through on my credit card.

well a week or so later i received a letter stating that the birthdate entered and the birthdate given from the medical attendant did not match. both j and i had to fill out a form and sign it to state that yes we agreed that kinley was in fact born on may 20, 2010 and send it off.
ok so no biggie.

fast forward like 8 weeks from that date. still no birth certificate or SIN card. so i call their 1-800 number. speak to the lady who assures me that the birth registration has been processed, paid, etc. she said if i didn't receive it in another week or so to call back.

well i gave them the benefit of the doubt and even waited 2 weeks, just so i wouldn't be that obnoxious person who calls on the exact week mark, when in fact it would arrive in the mail that day. so i called yesterday to see what the dealio was, because alas, still no birth certificate and this stay at home mama wants to do some states side shopping!
the conversation went something like this
me: hi i'm just calling to inquire about my daughter's birth certificate, we still haven't received it and it's been about 11 weeks
government lady: well let me just look into that. oh it appears that there was a problem with the dates and they conflicted
me: yes i understand that, but my husband and i signed the little form thingy and sent it off and i called a few weeks ago and the other lady said we're all good
government lady: well yes, but the form you signed was only good for the birth registration
me: pardon?
government lady: it was only good to update the birth date on the birth registration, not the birth certificate
me: i don't understand, isn't the birth registration essentially the same thing but the birth certificate is just the little form thingy?
government lady: well yes, but the form you signed only changes the date on one
me: *blink blink* ummmm so when exactly was someone going to inform me of this, or was i just supposed to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting for this birth certificate like a moron
government lady: well i'm sorry ma'am but you will need to provide a handwritten letter stating her birthdate is in fact may 20, 2010
me: ummm, didn't i already do that?
government lady: well yes you did, but again like i said, it was only valid for the birth registration, not the birth certificate

are you freaking kidding me? am i the only one who finds this completely absurd? why am i sending in the same form twice? why doesn't the one form work for both things, when they are essentially the same thing?! why can't they just transfer all that info over?
so there it is folks, proof that the ontario government pays too many people to do not a whole lot.

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  1. ugh. how annoying. i hate dealing with stuff like that.



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