September 30, 2010

how old do i look?

*ding dong*

me: hello
lady: hello, i just need to speak to your mummy or daddy if they are home tonight
me: ummm i'm the homeowner
lady: oh..oh dear, i'm so sorry. well i'm just here to see if you need a new...
me: no thank you, we just got a new hot water heater
lady: ok great, so sorry again

she couldn't get off our front porch fast enough. then my husband pulled in the driveway with our daughter. that must have really thrown her for a loop; you know, since i look like i'm 10 and still live with my "mummy and daddy".

September 22, 2010

i love fall!

this past weekend we made a trip to our local pumpkin patch. although kinley is a little young still to actually realize what's going and enjoy it, we thought it would be a fun family outing to make into a tradition.
we got some GREAT photos of her in the pumpkin patch and in some straw bales. way. too. cute.

we ate delicious pumpkin pie and drank hot apple cider it was a perfect day!

September 13, 2010


one of my all time favourite photos of kinley. she's a book worm just like me!

September 12, 2010


we went to a wedding of our good friend this past weekend. j was in the wedding party. his parents were also invited, so kinley came along. she was so well behaved and at the church during the ceremony no one would have known she was there if she wasn't so darn cute and almost stole the show!
they were so kind and offered to take her home and put her to bed after the dinner, so j and i had a chance to party it up like wild teens again (ha).
i had a total of 5 drinks, but considering i haven't had much in well over a year, it was enough to make me party hard and feel notsohot the next day. oh well, it was certainly a good time, and a much needed night out with the hubs!
not sure why he looks so serious...we had a good time i promise!

with some lovely ladies

September 11, 2010


my friend alicia and i have been going for a run basically since i was allowed to move faster than a snail (aka 6 weeks postpartum). she's such a great friend, with 3 kids of her own, and a few years older than me. she stole kinley from me a few nights before my birthday for an hour, and i didn't know why.
well the other night when we went for a run (just a few days after my birthday) i discovered why.
she had made a t-shirt with kinley's footprints on it and a little verse that read:

"this is to remind you, when i'm big and tall, that once i was quite little and my feet were very small"

turn on the waterworks! i wear that t-shirt with pride when i'm running!

September 9, 2010

hello again long lost friend!

so sorry for the delay! we had a lovely time together as a family, so i was absent from the computer. j took 10 days off and we spent a lot of time together as a family! then one thing led to another and it was my birthday, and i turned *gasp* 25, and i think i saw my first wrinkle!
we had a lovely day at the beach one of the days that j was home. we packed a picnic lunch and just sat down by the water together. kinley absolutely loved it!

at our beach area there is an old merry-go-round that you can still ride for a nickle, so we were all over that! kinley wasn't too sure what to think!
much better when dad holds me!