September 12, 2010


we went to a wedding of our good friend this past weekend. j was in the wedding party. his parents were also invited, so kinley came along. she was so well behaved and at the church during the ceremony no one would have known she was there if she wasn't so darn cute and almost stole the show!
they were so kind and offered to take her home and put her to bed after the dinner, so j and i had a chance to party it up like wild teens again (ha).
i had a total of 5 drinks, but considering i haven't had much in well over a year, it was enough to make me party hard and feel notsohot the next day. oh well, it was certainly a good time, and a much needed night out with the hubs!
not sure why he looks so serious...we had a good time i promise!

with some lovely ladies

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