January 30, 2011


aussie aussie aussie - oi oi oi!
she's a fairdinkum  aussie at heart....
stay tuned for a fun post on baby painting (no i didn't paint kinley....she got down and dirty with the paint!)

January 20, 2011

today was not a good day

do you ever get those days? where it's just an overall bad day. nothing in particular goes wrong, but it's just an overall lousy day?
today kinley cried. for an hour straight. for no particular reason. i couldn't figure out what was wrong, she didn't want to be held, or put down, or nap, or eat, or play, or watch tv, etc.
i got upset, and yelled at her. what kind of crazy yells at their 8 month old little girl? this one.
then i felt awful, and drained.
and today i did not feel like being a mother, or a wife, or a friend, or cooking dinner, or tidying up, or anything of the sort. today i felt like sitting in my pj's and lying in bed. i did not feel like being me and it was all so overwhelming.

but i had to. because that's just what mum's do, and this little girl needs me. and i know tomorrow is a new day and will hopefully be much better. and i look at this, and it reminds me why i do it.
please tell me other women have days like this (mothers or not).

January 19, 2011

photography 101

last Christmas (2009) i purchased myself a canon eos camera with some Christmas money. i bought it with the intent on taking wonderful, gorgeous, stunning photos of kinley. while it does take some awesome shots (you can most certainly see a difference in quality vs. a point and shoot camera) i realized that other than the "auto" setting, i truly knew nothing and that it's not really so much the camera, but the person behind the camera.
so, i've embarked on a new adventure! i mustered up the courage and have gone out of my comfort zone and enrolled myself in a 12 week photography course at the local college!
we had our first class tonight, and while it was just introductory things, i am SO excited.  i am excited for the mundane little assignments on handing in 4 photos showing different shutter speeds, etc.
so wish me luck, an i promise to share some of the work that i produce, hopefully as the course goes on we'll see a change in my work!

January 18, 2011


so our living room is finally on the way. just a few minor details to complete (finish laying the tile in front of the fireplace and some quarter round) and the room will be done. except for the hard part. the "little" things. so i need your help, and opinion.

first of all, i really hate the bookcase/shelf unit that is currently housing kinley's toys, but i'm not so sure what to put in it's place. suggestions? please link! what can i do to spruce up the mantle a bit? thoughts on painting the brick white?

the walls are looking a little bare, so i need to add something, what do i put? also see that coffee table? i need some kid friendly suggestions (and dog friendly too, that's ernie's favourite perch to window watch).

the wall above the couch needs something too....

something in this corner perhaps?

what can i do to spruce this up?

i'm not sure i love love love the pillows either, while they match the tones of the room and add some colour, i was thinking of going a little softer, more floral.... i'll have to see what fabric i can find.

so load me up with ideas. what do you like, what do you not like? what should i add, or take away, should i change the furniture around?

what can i say

i really should let her get more sleep....

January 14, 2011

i'm back

no seriously, for real this time. i took a little break to sort some things out, take a breather, get refreshed. i've creeped all sorts of other blogs and i am inspired again.
i also got a lovely new one of these
so it makes blogging a little lot easier. because it doesn't take 12952357323053823 minutes to load and open a photo.
so i'm back ~ to all 3 of you readers out there.