January 18, 2011


so our living room is finally on the way. just a few minor details to complete (finish laying the tile in front of the fireplace and some quarter round) and the room will be done. except for the hard part. the "little" things. so i need your help, and opinion.

first of all, i really hate the bookcase/shelf unit that is currently housing kinley's toys, but i'm not so sure what to put in it's place. suggestions? please link! what can i do to spruce up the mantle a bit? thoughts on painting the brick white?

the walls are looking a little bare, so i need to add something, what do i put? also see that coffee table? i need some kid friendly suggestions (and dog friendly too, that's ernie's favourite perch to window watch).

the wall above the couch needs something too....

something in this corner perhaps?

what can i do to spruce this up?

i'm not sure i love love love the pillows either, while they match the tones of the room and add some colour, i was thinking of going a little softer, more floral.... i'll have to see what fabric i can find.

so load me up with ideas. what do you like, what do you not like? what should i add, or take away, should i change the furniture around?

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