January 19, 2011

photography 101

last Christmas (2009) i purchased myself a canon eos camera with some Christmas money. i bought it with the intent on taking wonderful, gorgeous, stunning photos of kinley. while it does take some awesome shots (you can most certainly see a difference in quality vs. a point and shoot camera) i realized that other than the "auto" setting, i truly knew nothing and that it's not really so much the camera, but the person behind the camera.
so, i've embarked on a new adventure! i mustered up the courage and have gone out of my comfort zone and enrolled myself in a 12 week photography course at the local college!
we had our first class tonight, and while it was just introductory things, i am SO excited.  i am excited for the mundane little assignments on handing in 4 photos showing different shutter speeds, etc.
so wish me luck, an i promise to share some of the work that i produce, hopefully as the course goes on we'll see a change in my work!

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