January 20, 2011

today was not a good day

do you ever get those days? where it's just an overall bad day. nothing in particular goes wrong, but it's just an overall lousy day?
today kinley cried. for an hour straight. for no particular reason. i couldn't figure out what was wrong, she didn't want to be held, or put down, or nap, or eat, or play, or watch tv, etc.
i got upset, and yelled at her. what kind of crazy yells at their 8 month old little girl? this one.
then i felt awful, and drained.
and today i did not feel like being a mother, or a wife, or a friend, or cooking dinner, or tidying up, or anything of the sort. today i felt like sitting in my pj's and lying in bed. i did not feel like being me and it was all so overwhelming.

but i had to. because that's just what mum's do, and this little girl needs me. and i know tomorrow is a new day and will hopefully be much better. and i look at this, and it reminds me why i do it.
please tell me other women have days like this (mothers or not).

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