February 2, 2011

baby painting

a little while back another mommy friend and myself were chatting about fun things to do with our little ladies. they are only 8 months old, but sometimes i feel like i'm not "doing enough" with her. anyone else feel that way? so i'm always trying to come up with new and creative things for her to do that allow her to explore new things and have new experiences.
anyway, we decided that they might enjoy getting down and dirty with some finger paints and creating their own piece of artwork!
we ended up hosting quite the party and had about 12 or so mamas and their babies ranging from 2 weeks old (!) to a year. we gave each baby a canvas, laid some cheap dollar store table cloths down on the floor and made some non toxic paint (you know, just in case they wanted to taste....which they did).
it was SO much fun to see their expressions to the feeling of the paint in their fingers, and toes and mouths and to watch as their eyes lit up when they realized that THEY were making all those wonderful colours on their canvas.
kinley has insane fine motor and hand eye coordination (think picking up the smallest speck of dust off my floor that is located halfway across the room) so it was really neat to watch her create in comparison to the other babies. most used their entire palm and slapped their hands down and waved them about. kinley was so articulate, using just one little finger to draw about on her canvas.
i would highly suggest giving this a shot, it is definitely something i will do again!

baby paint recipe: equal parts water, flour, salt and a drop or two of food colouring

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  1. OMG...this is adorable!! LOVE IT! And how brave you are to bust out the baby paint. I am too type A for this kind of activity! Haha!


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