February 21, 2011

down and out (again)

the beginning of the week started out great! then i noticed kinley was a little stuffy and she seemed to be getting worse, but she was still in great spirits! i had to work on tuesday, so she went to the babysitters. she didn't notice any change in her behaviour, the only thing she noticed was that she was stuffy. she wasn't displaying any other signs, but at bed time when i would lay her down she would scream and scream like it was torture. then her nose started to run but it was green (super gross!). j took her to the walk-in clinic, poor thing had an ear infection. so since we started the new year we've had baby measles, a cold and now an ear infection. my poor sweet girl. i then caught something, so we were both under the weather, although it made for LOTS of cuddles, which i LOVE!

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