February 11, 2011

feeding time

yesterday a good friend of mine and i got together to get busy in the kitchen. ever since kinley started eating solid food, i've vowed to make all of the food she eats. i'm not all on board with the all natural, 100% organic food. i do buy it if it's on sale though. i know you could argue until you're blue in the face that it's SO much better and that i'm not really doing her much more of a favour, etc. but j and i don't eat like that, so it's unrealistic to have kinley eating like that. we eat healthy food. mostly fruits and veggies, lean meats and products only with ingredients we can pronounce. so i figure that's a good start.

anyway, i'm a little sidetracked. i chose to make her food because quite honestly it SCARES me that baby food on the shelf, has a shelf life of 3 years. they claim there are no additives or preservatives in them, but really, really how can food last that long?? like that's probably WAY worse than the regular fruits & veggies i buy in the grocery store.

i did my research, and i checked out tons of sites and books for ideas etc. i did the basics (sweet potato, peas, apples, pears, etc.) but now that she's older and starting to eat more finger foods (and more of what we eat) i knew i needed some other kinds of recipes. i did a lot of baby-led weaning, so she often times just eats smaller chunks of what we are eating. but sometimes, on those nights when we have something she can't eat (think tacos ~ maybe a little rough on a tiny tummy) then i need something else for her to eat.

one of the best websites that i came across was Wholesome Baby Food. it is a great resource for when to introduce food, ideas on how to make things, and it has a GREAT guideline list for those "no no" foods (like peanut butter, strawberries, egg whites, etc) and new guidelines regarding when you can introduce them to baby (i've given kinley all of the above, even peanut butter gasp!)

i also came across this amazing book!

i have honestly been searching and searching for something exciting rather than the drab peas and carrots combo or "you can mix blueberries and bananas for your little one for new flavours ~ how exciting". this book has so many interesting recipes that are tummy friendly (like baby curry!) and have flavour combinations but also food group combinations that make them healthy and complete meal choices and they are SO easy to make. i am really excited to give kinley a taste of some of the new recipes!

any other tips, recipes, websites, suggestions?

and now just for sheer cuteness - enjoying a yummy meal of pasta & meat sauce (she's also signing "all done" in the photo)!

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  1. wow she sure looks like she's enjoying herself! I guess I have double the mess (and smiles) to look forward to!


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