February 7, 2011

livin' the luxury life

j and i had the opportunity to a very special night out on saturday! we had some good friends of ours come over to watch kinley while we took a little trip over the river (aka to the USA) to watch the Buffalo vs. Toronto hockey game at the HSBC arena in Buffalo, NY. now, not only did we get to watch the game, we got to share the experience with j's parents, brothers, cousins, and aunt and uncle. it was my very first NHL game ever.......
yes, you heard correctly! unlimited wine, beer and cocktails, shrimp platters, chicken wings, beef on a bun, nachos, pizza, salad, fruit trays, pop and then a delicious dessert surprise after the 2nd period (which i learned while at the game, was NOT called "half time" haha). while i may be Canadian, that does not mean i know a thing about hockey.
needless to say, it was a really cool experience, and i don't think i will ever  be able to go to a hockey game unless it's with swanky box seats... i mean that's just not cool...
our view from the box

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  1. Wow the food there looks far superior to the food in the Ottawa Sens boxes! Looks like a great time!


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