February 14, 2011

take a seat

our dining room is coming together slowly, but surely. actually our entire house is coming together slowly but surely. it's kind of tough when you 1) have a 9 month old who has just learned to get into EVERYTHING and 2) when you are on limited funds and doing everything bit by bit as you can afford it. we basically do one small project a month (if we have extra money, which isn't always the case). with me on maternity leave still (a full year here in Canada) and j doing his apprenticeship, sometimes money is tight. but we want to get this house flipped so that in another year or so we can put it on the market and move into our forever home (which will be do-able because j will be a journey man!)

anyway, i got side tracked. we scored this awesome table from the fine store known as kijiji (well not really a store!). it is solid solid solid (i swear 200 lbs)

it was in great condition other than the seat covers. the colours weren't really jiving with the decor of our dining room, but they had been VERY well loved by some kids. so i found some fabric, and reupholstered them myself! not too bad for a first timer (if i do say so myself!)



now to just finish up the floors (we need some quarter round) and i would like to make a window valance and add some accessories and it's DONE! i think that will be the ONLY room in the house (other than kinley's nursery) that will be finished. (which i realize after trying to link to a post of kinley's nursery that i NEVER shared.... i will do that!)

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