March 24, 2011

baby dedication

a few weeks ago we asked our pastor if he would dedicate kinley at our church. of course he was thrilled (since we met through him, and he married us and we worked so closely with him for youth). it was such a great experience to have so many of our close friends and family share that day with us. i was baptized as a baby, so the concept of baby dedication was new to me, but i think i almost like it better!
as parents we decided to dedicate kinley to the Lord. this means that we made a promise in front of our church family, and to God that will be raise kinley in a Christian home, and do everything to ensure that she grows to know Him. however, once she is old enough to make her own decisions, it will ultimately be her decision whether she will still choose to follow. should she decide this, she will then baptize herself to the Lord! i like that it will ensure she is receiving many opportunities to follow, but ultimately it still leaves her with her own choice. of course we pray that she will choose to follow, but time will only tell through our Faith and through her own.
one thing that was really special to me was that kinley wore the outfit that my grandmother made for me when i was her age to be baptized in. my mum saved it in her cedar chest and i was in gorgeous condition. my grandma was a fantastic knitter, and could knit the most delicate pieces. i hope we can keep it for many more years!

our wonderful friends agreed to be kinley's Godparents (he was the best man in our wedding)

during prayer, i noticed kinley was unusually quiet. the whole time she was up front she was basking in the attention, chatting away and smiling at everyone, waving hello, etc. but then it got verrrrry quiet. i snuck a peek (and thankfully someone snuck a photo) and there she was enamored with pastor matt (pmatt)'s facial hair and playing with it. both j and i tried our best not to crack up, and even pmatt was trying to hold it together.

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  1. I love the idea of Baby Dedications instead of Baptisms...I just love everything that surrounds it, and what the parents are agreeing to. We plan on dedicating our baby, when the time comes.

    So very cool that Kinley wore the same dress you did when you were baptized! Fun pictures, too :)


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