March 8, 2011

spot the dot

it seems my blog has a common trend these days.
can you spot the dot?
i'll give you one guess what we've been dealing with (hence my lack of posting).

honestly, i am SO ready for this looooooong Canadian winter to be over.
we started off the year with roseola (baby measles) followed by a cold, followed by an ear infection, followed by a double whammy of a throat infection AND CHICKEN POX!

miss kinley seemed to be getting a little sick but because she had just finished her round of antibiotics for an ear infection i thought maybe it was just the remainder of that illness getting out of her system.
boy was i wrong. i woke up on thursday morning to that little chicky-pox on my little chicky.

i think it's an understatement to say i'm exhausted. and sometimes your exhausted mind does funny things. mine convinced me that i was a terrible awful rotten horrible no good HOW could you do this to your child? i truly felt as though i must be doing SOMETHING wrong as a mother that she was getting sick all. the. time. luckily my own mother pointed out that she's in a home daycare setting when i teach a few days a week, and that it's a normal part of childhood, she just did it earlier than most kids!
*sigh* nonetheless, i would like it to be over, it's been an eventful first 9 months as a parent.

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  1. Oh wow that sounds just exhausting! Hopefully she is getting this all out of her system now and you will have a blissful next 9 months!


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