April 8, 2011


well i'm a little late on this post, but lately ideas have been coming to me that i didn't have a chance to post or just plain forgot to (i'm still learning at this blog thing).
anyway, i thought i would share the finished product of kinley's nursery! it's the ONLY room in our house that is 100% finished, and it's something i'm proud of. i really don't like our home at all, it was a hasty purchase from j's grandparents and it's just too small and not well laid out for a young family. but it will do for now, until i am teaching full time and j is finished his apprenticeship. however, kinley's room is something i am proud of! everything was free or refurbished, so i think the total of the room cost us $300! it cost $200 to finish the hardwood floors (previously there had been carpet that we ripped up). i paid $20 for her change table/dresser, $10 for the little table beside the rocking chair and $60 for the crib mattress and $20 for the material for the window valance! that's it!
so on with the show...

the wall that the crib is on is a lovely teal colour. we chose that as our starting off point and is the accent wall in the room. i framed 3 photos to put on that wall. originally it was 3 maternity photos that i had taken, but after kinley was born i chose one of my favourite pictures of her and placed that one in the middle. the rocking chair was a gift for my mum from my dad when i was born and was passed on to me. my mum picked up the rocking chair pads at St. Jacob's Mennonite market in Kitchener, Ontario. i scored that cute little table from Goodwill for $10 and refinished it in white.

i made the window valance myself. her crib bedding is a beautiful paisley pattern and the teal matches the accent wall. it did come with a valance, but cost $50! i found fabric very similar and the colours matched perfectly, so with a little help from j's aunt, i sewed one up really quick! her changetable/dresser was $20 from Kijiji and i painted that the same colour white as the little table and added some crystal knobs. the little cabinet beside it was something i had from university and had the same paisley pattern as her crib bedding (score!), so i painted the rest of it white to match. the other 3 walls (which is hard to tell in the photo) are a white/cream colour.

so that's it, kinley's nursery. i really wanted to steer clear of the "baby" themed nursery, so i opted for something (i felt) was a little more sophisticated. i think it's pretty girly, but in the off chance that she popped out a boy (because even after 3 ultrasounds it was only an 85% chance) i figured the nursery would still be suitable for a boy. i think it's something that can grow with her and require very little changes as she grows older.
the photos really don't do it much justice, and i really should have retaken them when i had better lighting, but the days slipped away from me!


  1. It's beautiful and I LOVE it!!

  2. you have done such a beautiful job. Decorating our daughters nursery is a big task to take on but it is so fun!

  3. I love it! It really is a beautiful nursery.

  4. i know i'm a little late to the game here, but just had to tell you how COZY her nursery is... you did a beautiful job!

    i love the ruffle padding on the wood rocking chair! sweet, but not over the top.


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