April 1, 2011

so long my friend...

our goofy puppy 

we have lost an important member of our family recently. actually it was a month ago, but it's taken me that long to come to terms with it and post about it.
when kinley was first born, our dog ernie (a cocker spaniel) was incredible. we would often find him laying right beside her in bed or on the couch.
but as she got older and more interested in him, he became less interested in her. he would take to growling at her, barking and was VERY skittish as she learned to move closer. we tried to correct this behaviour, but he had always been a stubborn "alpha" dog from the start and it was difficult from day one to even train him. i hate to be another statistic that "gave up" on our dog, but we honestly just did not have the time to dedicate to training him with kinley. i know that's a lousy excuse. we thought it would be best if we could find a family for him that did not have young babies. i was worried what might happen as she became faster and even more mobile and could do more than just reach her hand out to try and touch him but start grabbing and chasing him around the house.
we posted an ad on kijiji (like craigslist) and waited and waited and waited. one friday night a wonderful family with a little girl emailed me. they came to visit ernie and i noticed something about the little girl. her eyes just lit up and it was so obvious he was the highlight of her week. turned out i teach at her school once in a while. i chatted with her teacher the next time i saw her. this little girl has some learning disabilities and other issues, and sadly, does not have many friends. we knew that ernie was the perfect dog for their family. when i chatted with her teacher again the next time i was in, she told me that they were having celebrity day and this little girl had expressed that she wanted to be ernie! it made my heart melt and it was *that* much easier to come to terms with not having ernie around, knowing he's making her so happy.
i'm sad he isn't part of our family anymore, and i'm sad that kinley does not get to experience the same joy she did when he was around, but i do think it's for the best. i won't lie either and say that my cleaning routine has gotten much easier and her little bottom is no longer covered in dog hair as she scoots around the house (yes we have a scooter, not a crawler).
a tearful goodbye

sweet puppy kisses

it's still so hard to look at those photos without getting choked up, but i know that one day we'll have another pet to fill our home, and for the time being ernie is making another little girl SO happy, because he's her best friend.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your departure from your dog. I am so glad to hear though that she is in a good family with a little girl who sounds like she really needs her.


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